Arcane Astral Aeons - Sirenia

A reliable album

After all, Arcane Astral Aeons quite reliable, and above standard album. It can not be denied that Morten Veland and Emmanuelle Zolan are some talented musicians in their field, and it draws quite clear also. The plate also has its bright spots such as In "Styx Embrace", where the symphonic and gothic world turns its folds loose and shows that it still has a basis here 20 years after its heyday, which pulls the plate up to a splendid seven".

One out of many

Sirenia is formed in the gothic wave that swept over Norway in the end of the 90's/start of the 00's, when Morten Veland was behind, respectively, Sirenia and Tristania. In the same period also occurs great gothic names such as Darkwell, Delain, Within Temptation and Epica opened its folds in the gothic world. With the now ninth studio album, Sirenia once again ready to let the symphonic rhythms gjalde out over the whole world.

A formula that works

Hansen Studios in Ribe has once again had a finger in a production within the melodic and symphonic metalverden. It means that here we can expect a disc that sits in the closet, and it makes the shame also. The sound is great, the mix is sharp and the instruments work razor-sharp, together.

Artist from western Norway, Morten Veland, all the way through so unique, as anyone can be. When you mix his of his musical abilities with a voice like Emmanuelle Zoldan, so get it almost the hairs on one's arms to dance and move synchronously with the music and its vocals. It is a long time since I have experienced such a synchronous behavior, and it rejoices me to be able to say: "This is almost perfect".

The very fact that we are in the symphonic and gothic world means that there are certain items that just sit in the closet. Emmanuelles mezzo-soprano is that, we have also her clean vocals, clean male vocals and even a raucous male vocals. However, I think that the lack of a growl-vocals as counterpoint to her soprano voice. That sounds a big round of praise for having used Yannis Papadopoulos as the clean vocals on "Love like Cyanide". The voice was dazzling together with Emmanuelle, and you could easily see the two do something more rocket as a side project.

Until now I have been something close to happy for to hear this record, but I can't help to note the small errors, which are here and there. Among other things, I think, Emmanuelles voice becomes unnatural when she has to sing the clean vocals, she among other things, use of "Nos Heures Sombres". The chamber over and get a couple of times a false note. When she sings, she should stick to her mezzo-soprano, which works so much better for her.

At the same time, there are a few little things with the choice of songs. I think not quite the synergy in the choice of sangforløb fits just as it should. Among other things, ending it with a half powerballade in the "Glowing Embers", which (maybe) still not a ballad. As the reader is probably confused here, but as a listener, you are even more confused. The song works fine in itself, it should just not have finished the whole session.

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