Are We Soldiers - Teramaze

The lord's soldiers can also fail

Teramaze is undoubtedly heavily inspired by Dream Theater, but one misses the forbilledernes punch and mastery, for without it, there is not much to break the tedium. At the same time is Teramaze proof that even when you think you have God on its side, it can easily go wrong. In isolation, there are many passages in the Are We Soldiers, there are far more than four saved the skulls, but it is the entire album, we're reviewing, and overall, it's just a predictable game with too little variation. Definitely only for fans of the genre.

From Terrormaze to Teramaze

Teramaze are an australian progressive metal band, which has existed since 1995, but that really only has been very active the last 6-7 years. In that period, they, in turn, released a succession of albums with the focus particularly on the melodic side of the progressive metal. The name was originally Terrormaze, but changed the name when they some years ago supposedly found God. Now they saw a selverklæret christian band whose goal is to spread the glad tidings. Ah yes... you may have probably the most desire to hear some Burzum in place, but their previous releases are actually quite praised around the world, so let us delve in to the group's latest epistle, the just published Are We Soliders.

If you thought the bible feels long...

With ten songs and nearly 70 minutes in length, is Are We Soldiers a bit of a work, but after several gennemlytninger may also just find that it is far from a masterpiece. It starts like seen well enough with the "Flight Or Fight", which offers a beautiful, melancholic vocals, big sound and complex, but good riffs, which is a long time to repeat itself. So far so good, but there should obviously be a place for both piano and keyboards, and the result is, that happens right legal much in the mix.

On the third song, "Control Conquer Collide", begins the monotony to set in, for it is now impossible to distinguish melodies from each other. More beautiful, but quite fragile vocals, delicious guitar and even a game of hyperactive keys, which puts an all-too-hectic bottom of it all. But just as one is about to give up Are We Soldiers completely, put Teramaze in with a beautiful and uplifting shim, which actually is more of on this album. Even a sloughing leads over thrash riffing and blastbeats, and managed thus to make the "Control Conquer Collide" far more interesting than the start otherwise promised. It is the album's best cut, but it can not change the overall impression: There are far too few sharp edges and too much repetition. One wonders fiercely over how the band and producer could reach, there was enough material here for 69 minutes?

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