Arktis - Ihsahn

In the darkness of Norway with the dark woods
The self-confessed satanist and multi-talentramte Ihsahn has a decent backlist and has through her work
with the Emperor, made his name stuck on a scene there has had a major overhaul through the years. To be able to retain the essence of something that is so static as Norwegian black metal and at the same time follow the currents that shake the one good band out of his sleeve after another, is not an easy task. But Ihsahn performing at the prestigious show, on an album that has torn the rug out from under me.

Beautiful and sharp as a frosty night sky
It is not easy to have to explain what you, as the listener can expect, without sounding like a bit of a lunatic. For it is generally known as genres are to be combined, something which requires a finesse few are in possession of: to get it to go up in a higher unity, not to spread over too much and then balance the selected genres, so the match technically. Usually so hate I when artists are throwing about with the genres, but in the Arctic there is nothing to come after. He spans everything from dark ambient to prog, elements of traditional heavy metal and the ubiquitous classic black. And then it becomes fun, too, right in between the dark and atmospheric discharge, see a brand new constellation up, something I never in my life had dreamed of could lead to a legitimate existence: Progblack. Yes, you read that right. What I hate the most, knitted together with the one I love the most but also are the most critical of.


It is both the prog that Opeth was once the world champions and the prog I usually like to fob off as being redundant and overskruet, here we are served by the red line side by side with black metallen. A number such as "Pressure" serves a genre I prefer to avoid, so that it is both edible and a pleasure to immerse themselves in. I recognize there are a few seconds of organ-masturbation on the album that is on the border to spill over, but the complexity of the sequences in well with the more check-for-leg-cut black metal and I lay myself down flat in the benovelse over how well this is put together, I hardly get my arms down over one number before the next is ready to amaze.

His vocals do really well, the classic snarling blackvokal fit amazingly well together with the nørklede guitarpassager and his clean vocals that can almost be described as gentle, honest and strangely alluring and it makes you want to follow up on the glory with both Katatonia and Opeth. Although he mastered the different types vokaliseringer and the ominous whisperings of the spirit that comes to its full right on the electronic document "South Wind", as he sings so passionately and strongly that you can't help but to hear, something that makes itself felt over the whole line. Hear just "Frail", which is a solid game elektroprog that lives up to its name, fragile but with sharp edges. Although this is a massive poly-drug use, there is still one thing we can't get outside.

Satanic beautiful song
This is black metal, well... Actually only good. The here album transcends black metal. It is well-acted, well-executed, well-produced. And so it has widened my horizon. A good album can do more than just maintain your interest and offer the opportunity to constantly find small surprises. A good album move your limits and forces you to reassess your position. It is here, ladies and gentlemen, is black metal for adults.

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