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Ascending To Red Heavens - Terminate

Old School Death Metal ruined by lousy production

In march 2011 released Terminate the demo Rotten Dead Mass. Now they are on track with their first album in full length; Ascending to Red Heavens, and it could have been quite fine, if the production and the material had been more thoroughly developed.

John Porada (guitar/vocals) and Jim Smith (drums) are the men behind Chicago-the band Terminate. It is good old-fashioned death metal without so many frills. Nine numbers will be the noise of 34 minutes, where along the way, tearing with of Poradas excellent vocals and Smith's energetic Dave Lombardo-inspired drums. "Demonic Instinct" and "Rotten Dead Mass" stands out as the absolute bright spots. They have raw energy, executed straight on and hard, and as the rest of the plate, rattling the straight on the road without too much nonsense and lir.

It could have been a part of neat skulls on the scale, had the production just been stronger. Much stronger!! Ascending to Red Heavens sounds like something recorded on a mobile phone at home in mom and dad's basement. Had you spent a little more time and effort to screw a little on the buttons, had the experience of this otherwise excellent plate been a whole lot better. The snare drum almost sounds like an empty paint bucket with the bottom in the weather, and the guitar is so stripped down and the crackling, that the nuances disappear when the low notes to be played. Really too bad! For if that had been in place, as well as the material had been more thoroughly developed, as was the ibm pc released a lot better off with an album that certainly possess a lot of qualities.

Tracklist: 01.Answered In Lead 02.Demonic Instinct 03.Numb 04.Rotten Dead Mass 05.The Savage Silence 06.Chainsaw Omega 07.Ascending To Red Heavens 08.Blind Leading the Blind 09.Iron Supremacy

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