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Aspirations Of Failure - Killing Gandhi

Gold and green forests

Killing Gandhi does everything well, but with their potential I do not think that a high enough degree to make use of the items that get the band to stand out from the crowd. What is the point in being so foolish as skilled musicians, if you will only show it sporadically? It is due to the missing of what could be, that I assign to Killing Gandhi 8. However, no mistake, kitty has become an adult, and go for the throat. Aspirations blighted of Failure is well-acted, well-produced and well-written, and should not be avoided by anybody who has an ear for melodic death metal.

The Danish-Swedish solution

Danish the Killing of Gandhi's first album, Cinematic Parallels, were to the undersigned a special plate - seen with Danish eyes. It was the first real product from our small pond, which according to the Swedish school managed to revive a solid round of melodic death metal. The album led however, under its own ambitious approach, since the theme with the cinematic sequences are not sufficiently supported by the music, which in some places seemed to skabelonskåret, now, when there was laid up for something special. Killing Gandhi, consists not of amateurs and count the members and ex-members from, respectively, Manticora, Wuthering Heights and Illdisposed m.fl. This is precisely why I got a easy tickle in the stomach of anticipation when I put their second album, Aspiriations of Failure at the plant.

The kitten is grown up

Despite the title of the album, aspires Kitten Gandhi obviously is not to fail. Kitty is grown up, so to speak, and you feel already from the first issue, that the compositions have been elaborated to a greater degree, and there is attention more to the details. Where the many atmospheric intermezzoer on his debut was a burden of works the reduced amount in this album, as they contribute to a whole a more dynamic listening experience. Dimmu Borgirs bombastic keyboard elements, Arch Enemys aggressive riffs and Children of Late catchy chorus in this game of all found its place on a inspirationsbase, there still rests with the Gothenburg sound.

Killing Gandhi is, however, more than a combination of the above, as the potential also appeared on the first album. In addition to an extremely varied vokalpræstation from an all-too-overlooked Thorbjørn Jensen, is the music in this game more influenced by a background in power metal. Bassist Kasper Gram and lead guitarist Martin Arendal, hjernebørnene behind the Killing of Gandhi, have both established their names in the aforementioned subgenre, as stedvist be consulted during the whole experience. "My True Being" is not necessarily the album's best song, but the melody and sangstrukteren have a small pinch of power, which fits stunningly well into their sound, which otherwise offers heavy riffs, grooves, and a significantly improved sangstruktur, than was previously the case. "Hollow Paintings" a solo piece that reminds one of that Martin Arendal is one of the best lead-guitarists, Denmark have ever produced. They too get the lead pieces are on the whole distinctly different from the genre standards with a melodic and almost bombastic sound that fits well with the aggression, and gives them a unique sound. It is a shame that Killing Gandhi cannot make more out of playing on its strengths and to incorporate more of their light from the power in the sound, as it is what differentiates them positively from a crowded genre. There is room for improvement, and they need to make better use of their strengths, so when the stars.

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