Ategnatos - Eluveitie

A Masterpiece

The album's title Ategnatos is gaelic for rebirth, and the album is truly a rebirth of the classic Eluveitie-sound. Frontman Chrigel Glanzmann called it even for their strongest album to date, and I could not agree more, for there is not one finger to put on the album – it is masterfully and without defects. Now I am not the holder of a crystal ball, but I could easily imagine that Ategnatos went on to become the album of the year.

They are crazy, the gauls

There are a few bands such as Eluvetie, that might get me to throw Google Translate, Wikipedia, and obscure websites dealing with gaelic myths and folklore, but no one has said that it would be easy to be a reviewer! It has been two years since they released their previous album, but since it was an acoustic album, it is perhaps more fair to say, it is five years since they last released a "classic" Eluveitie-album. The band themselves have stated that Ategnatos is their strongest album to date, which is something of a postulate, when you go through their discography. But let us dive into a world of myths, green forests and snow-capped mountain peaks to find out whether it is true!


From the first second it is clear that Ategnatos is absolutely classic folk-melodeath-Eluveitie, as we know and love them. It is grandiose, it is bombastic, it is melodic and beautiful and filled with all sorts of glorious instruments – personally I am always in a good mood, when I hear a hurdygurdy. When I sat down with their last release, Evocation II – Pantheon I wrote that you missed their classic sound. But only now, where I sit with Ategnatos in the ears, it goes really up to me how much you actually missed the sound. Actually, I was a little skeptical in the light of Evocation II, but everything I had of scepticism was swept away as by a gaelic deluge.

Some times you sit with an album, where you can both feel and hear that the musicians themselves have found it difficult to vouch for the product, and that it is therefore a little tame affair. The exact opposite is the case with Ategnatos, for here is talk about pride and integrity. You can really tell that all nine members of the band are pavestolte of this album, and they really have done their best to create an ambitious masterpiece.

Eluvietie are not a band who does nothing halfway, which you can see on the fact that the album has 16 songs and lasts exactly one whole clock hour remains applicable. But although there is talk about 16 numbers, so it is also a wide pallette of music that we are offered! We get everything from classic headbangers-friendly melodød, over the campfire songs and cozy small fløjtesoloer to the super groovy guitar solos – well, and so has the Rhandy Blythe also been passed to provide a little spoken word!

Thus, there will also be requirements made to the listener. The album is demanding and requires your full concentration, and maybe also that you have access to a gaelic-English dictionary and a reference guide to celtic mythology.

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