Death is the ultimate tranquility

It is 27 years ago, Dark Tranquility did for Swedish death metal, what Carlsberg did for the Danish national feeling. Side by Side with In Flames and at the Gates created the Dark Tranquility the sound we now know as Swedish death metal, melodic death metal, or simply just Gothenburg metal. This Swedish interpretation of death metal have all been much more playful and experimental than the usual american death metal a la Cannibal Corpse, on both the good and evil, but it is precisely this desire to innovate and create a more broad sound range, which has characterized Dark Tranquility for nearly 30 years – the ability to kick your eardrums cut to pieces with a hard death, but at the same time to be able to merrily massaging the brain nydelsescenter. It is precisely this combination that – if anything – explains why the genre is precisely the ‘melodic death metal', and at the same time explains the band's name, as it is precisely this smoothie of dødssmadder and melody, that creates a single, dark ro.


To them, there are old Greek philosophers, it should perhaps be explained that the ‘atoma' is a mathematical term for something that cannot be divided without leaving a residue. After hearing the disc through it is one very clear why it is precisely this title that they have chosen; one through listening is not enough of each number, each number has the time in so much that all the time there is a remnant, you will discover in each number, and here the remnant are not to be construed as a negative thing, on the contrary, it should be understood that a small hidden musical treasure. Atoma is so well-written and rigorously composed on a plate, so it is a pure pleasure to listen to. It is true svenskerdød anno 2016. While the album is so incredibly well written, it is also a very evocative album, and the atmosphere will be expertly delivered by the cells are and the instrument, as well as the glorious, hoarse vocals, all the while the bass thunders over in the background, as it was Thor himself. There is room for both classic death, as åbningsnummeret "Encircled", as well as 90's-style ballads, that smells a little of Depeche Mode, such as the title track. There is not much else to say, other than that Dark Tranquility have worked hard to make Atoma, and it can hear. It is probably something of the best that has come out of Gothenburg for the last many years.

Death is the only solution

It is always extremely life-affirming, when old bands go out and deliver a disc that just blows the brains out of one. There is something insanely fascinating that a band that has been around for almost 30 years, still can prove that there is a reason that they have been in existence for 30 years. That after three decades still manages to keep the distance, as well as that both sounds, as you always have done, and yet that one also is able to reinvent itself, it has Dark Tranquility on something precisely proved on the Atoma. The evidence also indicates that the Gothenburg scene are still relevant, which is great when for instance the other bands away (the host, In Fames, the host) obviously do not manage to live up to their legacy and also to look forward. Atoma is a masterpiece that must be heard again and again, before you really truly understand what you are up against – heja Sverige!

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