Atonement - Amarna Reign

Just came out of the confessional

Atonement are probably not the album that people will mention about ten-fifteen years, if they are asked to name their favorite Killswitch Engage album. But it is still a quite good album, as can a lot of, and which definitely has its moments as well as plenty of passages where one can't help head-banging, throwing the horns and rant with so high, that underboen knocking her broom against the ceiling. So the boys from Boston don't even ask for absolution, maybe except for the album's cover – it is probably one of the most rædderlige, I have long seen, but never mind, never mind!

No need to apologize

Ah, the good old Killswitch Engage. One of the few metalcore bands that actively exist in my consciousness. This they have done, ever since I got the As Daylight Dies (2006) in 18-year birthday present from the Municipality of Holbæk. It was the cd that taught me that the people who yell and scream into a microphone, also can be fat. Since this was my first encounter with the band, it has probably also helped to shape the idea that I clearly prefer Howard Jones over Jesse Leach as lead singer. But then it's fortunate that they have Howard with a single number, namely, "The Signal Fire".

I have not skamlyttet to Killswitch the last few years. However, I have enjoyed each of the numbers from the plates as Disarm the Descent and Incarnate, so that is why I was also curious as to what the band think they had to apologize for in the Atonement.

A dull start

The album starts with the track "Unleashed", which is frankly something of a thin cup of tea. It is a slow number, which almost appear as the generic and formularisk metalcore, where the e-string just gets beaten. Far better it becomes, however, the second, Howard Jones-the number "The Signal Fire" goes in the walk – for then there is the speed over the field, and one can recognize Killswitch Engage again. Even if you don't really notice when it's Howard or Jesse singing. But Howard is not the only guest who is with, for the band have also chosen to recruit none other than Chuck Billy from Testament on the track "The Crownless King". It works much better, since you can clearly hear who is singing when, which is probably due to the Chuck is the 'coresanger unlike both Jesse and Howard.

Atonement consists of 11 songs, and it is not all of them, which is just as exciting. Fx works "Us Against the World" and "I Am Broken Too" most of all, as fyldnumre and could well have been omitted as they do not do much else than to ruin an otherwise excellent flow.

It is not the most experimental Killswitch Engage-album ever. They play pretty much on automatic and do what they do best and is most comfortable with – whether it is good or bad. However, when it is said, there are still some excellent numbers, where Killswitch really turn out with the arms and give it max throttle for example, and "Take Control", where one gets a magnificent game of metalcore thrown right in the screen!!!

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