Atrophy - Downfall Of Gaia

Creative black from the prussians


Creative thinking

Downfall of Gaia's fourth fuldlængdeskive may be said to be a creative place. There is clearly borrowed from the earlier plates, but the overall result has been something like candy for anyone with a penchant for black metal. The framework, as always, hard and accurately, and this time is no exception.

Long and compact

At only six tracks get Downfall of Gaia allocated 40 minutes. It is in itself a great accomplishment to make this type of numbers, but it succeeds without feel bored. There are so many small nuances and passages that you learned from. A personal favorite that can be mentioned is the disc's second track "Woe", which forms almost postapokalyptiske pictures, if you are one of the types who enjoy the music with closed eyes. There is also a joy in the songs that shines through. It certainly has been something they have enjoyed, and you can clearly hear in the long, atmospheric passages.
Even the quiet melodious from "Ephemerol" go clean home. And then, when you have been well captured in this melodious medley of evil, there comes gudhjælpe me a deuce! "Ephemorol 2" (yes, why wait for the next disc to release the followup) continues where etteren relax with the long guitarpassager, and you could wish themselves away to any of the dim forest with this in the ears.

However, I would have wished there had been more in toeren (høhø), than there were, for its function is, unfortunately, to be only the intro to the fifth cutting, the title track "Atrophy". Here comes again a touch of the previous number, but it is me, unfortunately, also the disc's weakest number since it never quite gets built up in the same mood as the other.

Once you go black

I can clearly recommend "Atrophy" to anyone who likes black metal, but is not at all to it, then one should look more on the melodious and the amazing technical game. Drummer Michael Kadnar is really a virtuoso. You will hear a breath of fresh air in black metal, so give this disc a listen!

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