Aura Noir - Aura Noir

New helvedeshammer hymns from the Norwegian mountains

Six years after their last release, facing the Norwegian Aura Noir back with just under 33 minutes of music. They do this in the form of the latest release, Aura Noire! The members of the band, however, has not been idle, as they are all involved or have been involved in a whole lot of different bands such as Virus, Lamented Souls with multiple. But what have six year break from Aura Noir as resulted of changes and new things? The answer to that question is: Not a damn thing! Aura Noir sounds exactly as I had expected. There is, as there always has been, talk about a mucky game of black/thrash metal with a clear inspiration from the old bands such as HellhammerCeltic Frost – quite old Kreator/Sodom, and Destruction.

Rotten, more rotten, Aura Noir

From the first stroke on the snare drum tonser Aura Noir away, being pushed through with five, rocking riffs, fast without to be grindet, delicious 1-2-3, and so on rundgange. When you're inveterate the 80's-thrasher, he becomes all in all, incredibly happy in the lid and sore in the neck over, the band brings. The boils a delicious, cool soup on all my children and ungdomsidoler. The vocals from the Aggressor is simply amazing and øreforkælende. He sounds like a young Tom G. Warrior, but with an older version of the lead authority and spits the bile out of the nine compositions on the disc.

And why should you buy Aura Noire?

It you must, if you are the least bit in love with the early thrash and black metalscene! When the last Aura Noir-the slice in my ears was a little long in the saliva and without the big highlights, so it seems that the break has done the band good. The works revitaliserede and bitches you jernhandsker in the course of the time, Aura Noire banks out of the speakers. And when the last of the roar runs out, you push the automatic button again to get some more shots! This plate is screaming for, that you sit together with kammersjukkerne, like on a sunny terrace, while you hammer the icy pins! Maybe this year sommerskive?!?


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