Beast - 44 Magnum

Yes-and yet no

But why, then, the tepid nature? Because when you, as the band keeps a break of six years, we expect of you you come up with a release that pulls our teeth out and sell guldfyldningerne back to us. Everything sounds as it should, it more or less as it always did, heavy and brutal, but exactly this is my appeal. There has not been much new in the Camp, Despised and one is tempted to ask whether they've even heard the music since '09. One can argue about to tinker with something that works and on the one hand, no, Despised Icon is one of the most recognizable bands when it comes to brutal deathcore - but on the other hand, we also need to develop in order not to stagnate. It applies especially when you come back after a long absence and need to pick up on a genre that has evolved a lot since we last heard from them - it is not enough just to turn on the punkknappen. But when all is said and done, I will be the first to welcome them back on the throne of deathcore, for they can still.


The canadian deathcore heroes in Despised Icon, announced in 2010 that they would withdraw from the music scene, since life on the road did not go up with life at home and even though a few of them joined, or even formed new bands, it was unfortunately the end of the vredeste canadians the world has ever seen.

Fierce beasts

But nothing lasts forever and here, six years later, Despised Icon back with their just-on-and-hard deathcore on the album Beast. It is neither innovative, innovative, or especially refined, but do they sound exactly as they always have done. And thank you metalguderne for it, sometimes you just need to get blown the head without having to be pulled with either the electronic ones or the clean vocals. I actually think the closest we come on the clean vocals, is andenstemmen delivered by Alex Erian, reminiscent of a small, snappy animal. His growling vocals are pitched perfectly with frontman Steve Marois, who as always sounds like he has the urge to break all the bones in your body. Even though the two sometimes sounds like a mini version of it for the –core genre classic bøllekor, so the two really well together and the vocals feature on both the information regarding the pigsqueals and the hoarse shouting that recalls the deep roots of all this in not just death metal, but also punk.

For it is in a high degree to find in this, their comeback album. DI has always played "" in the heavy end, but on this album, I have in several places noted that it becomes much more punket, almost thrashet and it is even spread over the entire plate, not just a single number. It makes it appear less like a gimmick and more like it is a part of the plan. And it works' very well. I can highlight the positive things at all the numbers, as f.ex for the solo in "Drapeau Noir", the epic squeals of "Bad Vibes" and it øresønderrivende scream that rounds out the excellent "One Last Martini" - in fact, I have not many bad things to say about this album.

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