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Black Swan Annihilation - Monsterworks

No monster, but it works

Black Swan Annihilation is a great album that plays with the genres, but also moving over to something which should not have a place on this album. Now we know they can play almost anything, but also what they are really good at and then they had to stick to it. But luckily, they have also just added individual songs where the skejer out the hard way, rather than the controlled and the evil way, and it makes Monsterworks thirteenth work, get 7 skulls cast in swan lake.

Monsterworks plays with the genres of their thirteenth album

The black this looked old enough to death

The quartet is based in London and plays a mixture of prog/death/philosophical metal, but call it just heavy metal, for that is what it all in fact is all about, as the band was so good even says. They are right in that statement, but however, it is also absolutely true that they are playing with different genres and add them to their own mark. That is well and feel something for every taste. The band has been extremely productive since their origin in 1996 and the Black Swan Annihilation is nothing less than their thirteenth studio album. An impressive back catalogue, which completely passed over my nose, but it is a new acquaintance, which I welcome. For it is an exciting band and their new album has aroused my interest.

The swan can break your arm, but it fits the not

The album starts out with the track "Immortalist", one of the more heavy tracks which are to find on this sea of genremiks. Heavy guitar riffs, followed by some deep growls and high pitched vocals. The heavy guitar gives me vibes from Down, but with the way. There sneaks some small guitar solos in the course of the number, and the second lir. It all seems a bit messy, in a very weird way. It is as if there is too much. This is changing, however on some of the other numbers.

"Two Have Done What Must Be", be turned down for the wildness, and the progressive. It starts quiet, with an edifying and calm guitar take good care of the clean vocals. It sounds like a mild version of Opeth, with the quiet pieces, added a bit of wildness in the form of deep growls and the heaviness on bass and guitar. Monsterworks do best when they are moving down this path, rather than the uncontrolled savagery, as they are trying out on some of the numbers. A good example where they really excel, is the number "Black Swan Annihilation". Once again it is a mix of different genres, but with a firm foothold in the prog and the quiet passages that lead up to the heavy pieces, and the evil vocal is really cool.

Fortunately, there are more of the caliber on this album, and the "Archivo Omnia" is no exception. Again a delicious mix of genres, gives a satisfactory spinning wheel in your neck muscles. Vocals and guitar work are again in the ascendancy, and compliment each other really well. So they can save on the gunpowder on future albums, for it is here, it works. Something that works, but it does not belong on an album such as this, is the number "Unbridled Force Of Nature" which goes over and fondles them for the death metal segment. It is basically good enough, but on an album that will so much more than this, so I didn't think it works.

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