Book Of Shadows II - Zakk Wylde

Guess who's Zakk, Zakk again

We all know Zakk Wylde, also known as Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt, but it is damn not a particularly heavy name, so the change is understandable. Known to be Ozzys right hand man, known for his bullseye Les Paul, his biker-look and especially known for the ability to conjure up a billion overtones in a few seconds. He surprised the whole metal community in '96 with the Book of Shadows, which showed that behind the bikeren there was a knocking and bleeding sydstatshjerte filled with deep lyrics and excellent acoustic melodies, which brought the mind back to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young and the Eagles. Book of Shadows took the people by storm, and people wanted more – so much so that every time Zakk came with a new Black Label Society disc, was people's primary response almost only "jo, it's very fine, Zakk, but... uh ... Comes a Book of Shadows 2!?". And it did so – 20 years after!

Zakk attack!

Book of Shadows II is a juggernaut of a slice: Zakk play and sing good, it's heavy, it's melodic, and it is country without being nauseating redneck-like. It is a country with a history and a message besides that one has beaten the wife and has run out of canned beer and hjemmebrændt. Zakk master indeed his guitar, but he has always done, and just the more minimalist and acoustic approach, that when he kicks up his super-distortede solos, so goes the rent check, and you are looking frantically for a lighter, which you can turn on and raise high in the air, while one decides with – without such a right to be able to text.

During the quieter numbers dreaming of the place for a solstrålebeskinnet porch in Memphis, wearing a dirty fløjlsskjorte, a cap with a bovlamt message printed on the front and a cold glass of iced tea in hand. It's damn good work from Zakks hand, so I take truckerhatten for him and want in my stillesind I could make a slice like this.

To be continued...?

Book of Shadows was a masterpiece that truly showed that Zakk Wylde is not only a guitarist but a musician of dimensions. Book of Shadows II proved that he still can, and that the romance between Zakk and the southern acoustics not only was a one night stand. If we are lucky, have mercy Zakk upon us and chooses to publish a 3. book within the next twenty years.

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