Born To Perish - Destruction

Solid, but routine

Born to Perish , is a safe and solid piece of work from a bunch of skilled musicians and fully on a par with the band's past several releases, but in the'80s signs Destruction out from the crowd, and they do not anymore. It is therefore to the seven little routine skulls, who are longing back to the past evil.


New standards for the extreme, but it is a long time ago, they were put

When we speak about the "classic 80's thrash" is forgotten, it is often where different expressions even the very early thrash had. One of the bands that contributed to the variegated picture, was the German Destruction. With their distinctive patronbælte-look and infernal, destructive, and, not least, the satanic proto-metal album, was the with to set new standards for how extremely it could be. Since the turn of the millennium, they have released a series of acclaimed albums, which have in common that they all sound more like traditional suspiciously teutonic thrash, and so it is interesting to find out about the latest and now 14. shoots on the trunk, Born to Perish, do the same.

An echo of evil

The cash riffs, high tempo and Schmiers well-known, the angry snarl on albumåbneren "Born to Perish" to remove the doubt that may be: The German veterans have not lost their potency, but continues the style from the previous albums. The bearing forces are as always, bassist/vocalist Schmier and guitarist Mike Sifringer, but it is as though the new lead-guitarist Damir Eskić has introduced the mastery of the solos in the higher level than we're used to. Eskić offers actually also for a lot more of both melody and harmonies on the whole, and it generally works fine, but the question is, whether it is the right way to go for a band with a past as Destruction? We actually get not a clear answer here on Born to Perish.

It puts first and foremost a damper on aggression, and often belong to more traditional, and hence, polished, heavy metal sneak into the mix. On the other hand, when it results in the riffs and dynamics as in "Butchered For Life" with the gloriously meaningless chorus about being "slaughtered for life", it is still hard to complain. Introriffet on the "We Breed Evil" sucks you inexorably into, and would have worked perfectly as the opening number. On this number and a few other places of the ancestors, an echo of the evil that once was the group's characteristics, but unfortunately not so much anymore. There is nothing to expose on the production, and Destruction can still fire riffs of with the best, but in length, there are not enough really strong songs, and especially for the few captivating chorus, it keeps all the way home.

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