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Bow Down Before The Blood Court - Grand Supreme Blood Court

Blood-Splattered Old School Death!

Grand Supreme Blood Court is a Old School Death Metal band from the Netherlands. The band was started in 2009 by guitarist Eric Daniels of Asphyx, after he had been away from the genre in 9 years. The band's goal was from the beginning to make the Old School Death Metal in the style of bands such as Slaughter, Funeral Bitch etc, and also to find a theme for the band. The theme of it was as the name suggest, a death of justice. The theme appears both in the form of their poetry and names. For example, the band has chosen to change their personal names out of these: Grand Magistrate Bagchus (drums), the Grand Judge Daniels (guitar), Grand Prosecutor van Drunen (vocals), the Grand Registrar Zuur (guitars) and Grand Executioner van Eekelen (bass). They are now out with their debut album Bow Down Before The Blood Court to which I have listened through, and it has been a pleasure.

The album brings a very well-known guitar playing with heavy riffs and a swinging tempo. The vocals are a mix between brutal growls and Black Metal like shrieks, that brings to mind towards the time where the brutal Metal genres were one and the same thing. Trommespillet is fairly tempo-filled without all of the excessive use of blast beats. The songs are creating quite clearly, the brutal and the macabre atmosphere that the band from the beginning would create, as clearly heard on tracks such as "Piled Up For The Crown" and "Veredictum Sanguis".

Here all in all, talk about a good Death Metal release. There are not major changes and nyskabninger under the sun, but just good solid Old School Death Metal. An album which, clearly, is a listen worth it if you are into Death Metal and the more brutal Metal in general.

Finally I will just finish of with the track "Piled Up For The Crown". A really cool number, which refers to what happens to the bodies as the Grand Supreme Blood Court kills, in the very best brutal Death Metal fashion.

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