Breathe In Colours - Forever Still

A formidable development

Breathe In the Colours has so many strengths, and one of them is the formidable progression that has happened since Tied Down. Nothing evil about the debut, absolutely not, but the direction, which is Forever Still and their music has evolved, seems not only natural, but also more mature and with more heart. The band has simply lifted up at a higher level, and combined with Maja Shinings technical skills, and, not least, the hopelessness and the frustration clearly heard in her vocals, is the result of ten really great tracks that grow for each through listening.

Forever Still have with Breathe In the Colours created one of this year's best records, where you can both cry and head-banging at one and the same time, since the music is just as beautiful as it is energetic and hard-hitting. It should be exciting to follow, what the future holds, but certain it is, however, that with this album in the backhand can't possibly end in a dark and dystopian hopelessness or something like that.

More than just talent

It is usually quite difficult to determine whether a band has talent or not. About a singer, a guitarist or a drummer and have the skills in order, can be determined fairly quickly, and it is also not a long time, you need to use in order to judge whether the music holds. Here in the small Dannevang, we are so fortunate that we have enormous number of talented bands that play really well. Several of them so well that they have sustained success at home and abroad. But then there are the others who not just have talent and can play good music, but who also have the small unspeakable things. A very special gift. Call it x-factor or what you will – when combined with skill, talent and hard work, there is magic.

It is in this category, we find Danish Forever Still. Shortly after the debut Tied Down from 2016, it was clear that they could be something quite special. It was among the second set of company Nuclear Blast, there hapsede them with the same, and sent them out into the world together with bands such as Children of Bodom and Lacuna Coil. To say they have grown with the task, would be an understatement, and now they are ready with the long-awaited sequel, which has been given the name Breathe In the Colours.

When the soul cries

Debut Tied Down was an easier inward-looking and personal sjælesøgen, is the gaze turned outwards to Breathe In the Colours. Inspired by the dystopian cyberpunk universes like Blade Runner and japanese anime created Akira, which both takes place in 2019, the music comes to the fore at a dusty electronic manner, while the theme is a quest for meaning in a world that is heading for the abyss: How do we find hope for the future, when climate, international politics and personal relationships are constantly challenged by an impersonal digital reality?

The issues taken up by the extremely well singing Maja Shining and her co-conspirators multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Haastrup. Especially on the songs "Rewind", "Breathe In the Colours" and "Is It Gone?", which is also the first three singles from the album, it shines through to the band the last few years has been studying abroad and got a lot of ideas. In Forever Stills completely unique crossover universe of hard rock and melodic metal are fed with sublime hooks, strong riffs and strong melodies, but there are also used other effects to make the soundscape unique. On the "Rewind" play Maja Shining on a theremin – a curious electronic instrument from the Soviet union – for the addition of an alternate digital dimension to the track, and it works amazingly well. In addition, they have chosen to run the music through a sea of old effects pedals, spolebåndoptagere and guaranteed also acquired a punch card machine from the Technical Museum in Elsinore to give the sound an authentic crispness, which supports the dystopian theme to perfection. And then there is the scream. How many lead female singers are at least as skilled as Maja Shining, it's not many of those who possess a heart and sjæleflænsende scream as her. In the course of the disc's modest 36 minutes, heard it not very often, but when it does, hit it right in the hjertehulen. It accommodates both the anxiety, pain and desperation, but also determination and hope. Ladies and gentlemen, this can not be learned in sanglokalet – it comes directly from the soul!

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