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Brendon Small's Galaktikon II: Become the Storm - Brendon Small

Gimmick genius

Galaktikon II: Become the Storm is a fantastic mix of death, destruction and elegance, and intelligent riffs and excellent drumming. There is not one finger to put on it! It is super intelligent metal, cleverly disguised as gumpetung tegnefilmsmetal – which also testify that the Small is a humble musician who just like to have fun and love to geek out loose on his spade. It must have all the respect for, that I possibly can find! Just the fact that he chooses to finish the whole story with a masterful instrumental track on the five and a half minutes says EVERYTHING that needed to be said! Brendon Small? No. Brendon Big!

Deth without clocking

If you do not know who Brendon Small, Dethklok or Metalocalypse is, you need to put you over in the corner and be ashamed. So, when you are done with it, you must get in the swing of binge Metalocalypse – and it is with the vons! Brendon Small is the father and the man behind the fictional tegneserieband Dethklok, which, with its four seasons and three albums have mixed South Park, and death metal masterfully. Silly as it sounds, the Small managed to get us to skraldgrine and head-banging seriously, at one and the same time. For Small can damn well make music; all three Dethklok albums (Dethalbum, Dethalbum II , and Dethalbum III) is the best-selling dødsmetalalbums ever. He is melodeath, what Devin Townsend is prog – a creative little geek, who has a unique approach to making metal music. Unfortunately, the strife between him and the Cartoon Networks "voksenafdeling", Adult Swim, forced him to give up Dethklok and instead make solo albums under his own name. In 2012 he released his first album, Brendon Small's Galaktikon, and now Galaktikon II: Become the Storm appeared. According to the Small even is this plate the unofficial sequel to Dethalbum III, so it is truly Dethklok without Dethklok.

Kill the Kardashians

Small describes Galaktikon as "if the Kardashians wrote death metal", albeit with a smile on your face. With this thought, that it is death metal to the masses and not to the two elite and vrisne men down in the cellar. Despite the comparison with the queen of plastic and indholdsløshed is Galaktikon II: Become the Storm certainly not something you should zap the past. We're talking 11 songs that all tell a magnificent dødsmetalopera on a distant galaxy where the planets are at war with each other, caught in a 80's-inspired sci-fi hell. Small has once again recruited the uncrowned king of the drums, Gene Hoglan, and it is always a smart thing to do! Hoglans drumming is so solid a bottom in the music, each beat is a true pleasure, and it works absolutely brilliantly with the Smalls, often a little quirky, riffs and melodies and the anguished solos (it must be said that I tortured do not think it sounds terrible, but that his solos often get the guitar to sound as if the physical suffering. It gives the place a special "lament", which is absolutely phenomenal). The numbers fluctuate between being magnificent and long or short and brutal, giving the plate a uforudseeligt element. In the same way changes the Smalls vocal from the classic dødsvokal to the velvety whisper as, for example on the tracks "Nightmare" and "Become the Storm". They belong probably to the more magnificent the numbers on the plate, and here you can clearly tell that the Small went after, that it all should seem like a dødsmetalsopera, which probably sounds like a slightly curious situation, but the man lets go so super fine from it!

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