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Brotherhood Of The Snake - Testament

Back to the bleeding abscess

For a long time, it has been incomprehensible to many a thrash enthusiast, that the quintet is not counted as one of the pioneers of the genre. Works such as The Gathering (1999) and Dark Roots Of Earth (2012), not to mention all the good old(!), witness a band that is very much possess the skills to screw amazing slices together, and then touring the globe thin with the concerts, there always has led to several injuries in moshen.
Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax are probably the four greatest when it comes to record sales and not least the importance of the genre in general. But one must measure after the present-day parameters, so is Testament, despite the very fine releases from the big four of recent years, in no way a band, you need to override.
'Why not top marks?', the interested reader might ask. After all, despite an absolutely phenomenal album, so there are passages in two-three tracks, which are not on the same level with the rest of the plate. And, therefore, can 10-the number of the complete perfect is not given... But believe me, this 9-the number is (together with 9-the number of Lamb Of Gods Sturm Und Drang) the absolute greatest 9-talk I've ever given. Testament flogs thrash metal out of the history books and banging it fixed with 666-tommersøm on the big metalscene.

With an absolutely phenomenal album proving Testament that thrash is not only belongs in the history books

Now Hold your mouth shut...

We all know the situation: some dolt takes the hole of an old discussion, as you never ever proceed with, because there simply do not exist any definite conclusion. The cause of this is often that it will always be subjectivity and ‘taste-and-pleasure-factor', which is essential for the individual. All those present are thinking ‘Jesus Christ, here we go again'... You end up at best with a good debate, but the wiser one becomes rare. The undersigned will, however, in this review the letter hole on the abscess and let the now open wound soft as paper to another debate: the question of 'The Big Four'. One should in fact say ‘The Big Five' and (in addition to Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax) include a of Exodus, Overkill, Kreator or Testament? Or more of these?
We let it stand a little. In the meantime, the rounds we have just the latter, for they have edder-kick-me surprised in the most positive possible way!

A furious thrash monster

The Brotherhood Of The Snake is the name of the latest album from the thrash giants in the Testament. And let me just beat stuck with the same, to what lengths are some of the best thrash that has affected my plant for many years. Right from the start you are bombarded with a multitude of completely phenomenal riffs, raging solos, a pace of a different world, catchy and headbang-inducing compositions and, not least, frontman Chuck billy's impressive versatilitet. Testament version of subdued or slow the music is similar to the older Slayer with the throttle, and when Alex Skolnick and co. decides, to 'the fan'me go fast', it's on the border of the epilepsifremkaldende on a signed ‘hold-as-fucking-shit-barometer'. Chuck Billy mastered everything from classic screaming thrash vocals to furious, death-growls, while the hard-hitting riffs, dynamic, veltimede change of pace and a sublime production forms the framework around some great catchy numbers.
Each and every number is well varied, and shall, to the album in its entirety appears dynamic, well-balanced and well-rounded. Here is not talking about an album, where the fourth and eighth cutting are slow ballads, to create a breathing space between the other calls location energy bursts, so the listener has the energy to a little more of it fast. Testament manages to simply create a monster of a thrash album, as you do not go death, in spite of the rapid and energetic monster-compositions the plate through. What a feat!

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