Built To Last - Sick Of It All

The giants have come home!


A welcome, genfunden respect


Number ten is the first

The band is now out with their tenth slice of "Built to Last", and this is precisely what one must then say that they are! After nearly 20 years on the metalscenen they have cemented themselves as some of the most stable and hard-hitting power metal musicians in the world. The big hits have occasionally been late in coming, but there is no doubt that they are back in full force now. "Build to Last" are They the first disc from Nuclear Blast, and it has evidently had a stimulating effect.


Delivered with experience and innovation

When you first hear åbningsnummeret "Bring It", one can easily get the boring idea that everything is, as it has been on the last few slices. Boring and predictable rundgange without substance. But after a very short time it begins to take hold, and as a slow-building tornado of raw power metal, you get served a good portion of what the Band once was, and as they seem to have become again. Hard-hitting guitar riffs is a good characteristics through the whole plate, which never actually loses momentum. Dethrone And the Defy is a good example of what the band can do with their more sombre events, and you cannot deny that Joakim Cans' voice is absolutely in top condition. The brave swede showing where the locker should stand in all the numbers, and, especially, Second to None , he could have sung alone and without the help of others.


But, but, but..

The band has found themselves, but whatever it is the natural progression/regression for the band, or to switch to a new label, I could not say. The only thing this disc is missing to score in the top numbers with hitpotentiale as the Rebel Inside or Legion.

Whether you like the Band or not, you should check this disc out, for it is built of steel and built to last.



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