Burn The World - Portrait

Svenskens answer to Judas Priest

When I reached halfway through the album and for the track "My Two Reap" , it was hard not to get associations with Rob Halford and his voice and the whole Judas Priest's way of playing. Big kudos. Number six on the album is the track "Matyrs", and 5:32 the inside of the track I sat almost open-mouthed and listened. For completely crap, it sounds crazy. On with the plate and listen. Can you like heavy, you are guaranteed to hear what I mean.

New and old

It's Swedish, it's about satanism and death, but for once, it is not death or black, it is heavy. And the five swedes are not exactly new in the trade, Burn the world is their fourth full-length album, and this time, they have experienced forces got new playmates in the form of Frederik Petersson on bass and Robin Holmberg on drums. With the composition, try the Swedish men to put together a classic heavy metal album.

Managed it?

This mixture, and the attempt at a classic album, it succeeded in svensken? On his show, yes. With riffs that sound of something, and which one will want to hear again, our eastern neighbours are well on the way. When you then simultaneously are spoilt for choice with the delicious candy store of a stemmeregister, as Per Lengstedt holds, you get the feeling that this is a good, elegant, bud, how heavy should sound anno 2017.

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