Cadaver Circulation - Krypts

Cosmic rejsesoundtrack

My problem can be partly described as a luksusproblem. Cadaver Circulation is a well-executed album that works perfectly as a soundtrack to a journey out into cosmic horror. Whether it is down under the Antarctic ice, what the ice store of horrors, or on a journey to a hidden world of dreams, where the old gods rule, so has the Krypts, what you need.

And you can well judge a book by its cover

If one takes a quick look at the Finnish Krypts' logo, album art and track titles give a pretty accurate picture of which band we are dealing with. The logo consists of semiulæselige letters, shaped like blood-or-other-væskedryppende tentacles. Combined with the album art, which depicts the cosmic freaks and landscapes created by long forgotten gods – and not forgetting the album and song titles as the Remnants of Expansion, "Dormancy of the Ancients" and "The Withering Titan" – have one with the same idea, that the Crypt plays the dark and gloomy death metal inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, which is absolutely not bad at all. The band is ready with their third slice of Cadaver Circulation, and from the title to judge, it suggests that the theme and sound of the degree is maintained.

Dark, sinister and slimy evil

Comparing the Cadaver Circulation with the band's two previous records, it is very clear that Krypts have found their sound. Her Unending Degradation was more straightforward death metal, but on the sequel Remnants of Expansion had the soundstage got a somewhat more dark mood with the more doomy passages. Not far into the åbningsnummeret "Sinking Transient Waters" to find out that it is what you might call the dark cosmic metal, which, again, formed acquaintance with. The themes are, however, not been tinkered with much, it is still Lovecraft the hideous universe, the mind's inner dark corners and the universe's outer, that is taken under the loving treatment.

Just the combination of the band's rumbling death metal and slower more doomy elements is what makes Krypts and Cadaver Circulation to really work. The gloomy guitars function more like tentacles that pulls the listener down into the depths to the sound of the rumbling thunder from the drums and bass. Perfectly accompanied by Antti Kotirantas afmagtsbrøl, which completes the picture and gives the listener the feeling of being among'R' lyehs mareridtsindgydende architecture, where Cthulhu waits dead but dreaming. To plate lay out with one of the three further main lots, the above-mentioned "Sinking Transient Waters", do that from the start builds up to this eerie and dark atmosphere that characterizes the entire album. The second track, "The Reek of Loss" shall ensure to maintain this atmosphere before we hit the next main number, "Echoes Emanate Forms" that reinforce the. This is also the case, before the album ends with the third main number, "Circling the Between".

The only problem with the Cadaver Circulation is the length. The record is only 37 minutes long, spread over six songs. This matches the fine catalogue, but as Krypts are the more atmospheric and doomy death metal, could it have been delicious with 45 minutes, all the numbers got plenty of time to develop, and not only that it was specially selected. It is fine with the numbers, that just need to keep the level, but when Krypts shows, they can do more than that, then they ought to do it.

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