Codex Omega - Septicflesh

Greek for beginners
I have previously reviewed Greek bands and struggled to pull anything other than feta, Hygnos and the western civilization is the cradle out of the sleeve, when I had to relate to the band's origin. But gradually the Greek metalscene made themselves more and more (positively) noticed, and I can no longer deny that they have far more good bands than I first thought. Here, one must say, is one of them. Last we heard from them for real, was three years ago when they slammed into on my display board with Titan.


A musical mavepuster
Its predecessor was exceedingly fascinated by horror flicks from the 1950s, and made frequent use of the teramin to achieve a spooky atmosphere with an almost Hitchcocksk atmosphere, and it went well with their blackened death. Codex Omega offers a completely different type of dial. If you want to genre-fluekneppe, and there is no, like, I would describe it as symphonic death metal, but with a focus on death and big gestures. There are plenty of orkestrationer in the background, winds and strings and all the fuss - all of which is to make the experience than knowing more impressive than I am used to from dødsmetallen. The vocals are well balanced in relation to the music, and bassistens growl-vocal sounds just as unhappy as you might expect of a metal band from stockholm. He differs rarely from the deep, guttural growl that's his preferred mode of expression, but he shares the microphone with a more chapped clean vocal - provided by the rhythm guitarist, whose verbal contributions here and there associations of Marilyn Manson. Something which I, by the notification release, still can not determine whether is a complete wrong-headed, or whether it is, after all, has its merits.

Actually the whole album screwed quite effectively together, and the only thing I am missing is, indeed, to hear the bass a little clearer. It is a pleasure to listen to music made by people who take their jobs seriously. Where my personal tastes, and their abilities really go up to a higher unit is on the track "The Gospels of Fear". It opens with a Michael Bay-worthy dommedagsintroduktion, delivered by the very heavy instruments in any symphony orchestra, and with respect for himself and goes direct and gets to what I believe is the auditory counterpart to go over for red. A fun, small detail, as in the case led me on the track of is that "Portrait Of A Headless Man," is a form of musical reinterpretation of "Confessions Of A Serial Killer" from the previous album. It gives me a feeling that thought of continuity and that the two plates are so different, yet can be reconciled.

Overall it is a really nice plate, but there is just legally many "fyldnumre". They do not serve a purpose for the plate, other than to make it a fuldlængdealbum. There are some of these intersections, that goes above and beyond what would be considered passable, but even though the content of them may not evoke an all-consuming interest in exactly what each number, they put forward quite persuasive. Tracks such as "Trinity" and "Dark Art" are good examples of numbers that is ok, but drags. It is not enough to give full marks, but it is a good album from a good band. Are you already a fan, it is not THE here, that causes you to abandon them. If you do not know them, it's a good example of an introduction.

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