Corona de Epidemia - Morbosidad

Tedious touch

To gennemhøre Corona de Epidemia is just about as exciting as watching grass grow or paint dry. What they offer is simply not good enough and has been done so many times before. So Tomas should stop shouting, get up out of the basement, and so should he summon the rest of the band to a meeting to find out what the heck they actually want as a band. To make a game boring touch, can't be something someone dreams about.

Satan in a ekkokammer

The first thing that strikes me as Tomas Stench starts to roar, the scene is in Some Kind of Monster, where Torben Ulrich proposes Lars and the other, that they drop a song, because it sounds as if James stands and sings in a ekkokammer. It is exactly how It sounds on the entire disc. It sounds as if he has been forgotten down in the basement and refuses to come out, before Satan has taken over the world.


Corona de Epidemia (Epidemic's crown) is Morbosidads fifth album. The band has existed since 1993, but the loss of two drummers do hardly anything good for the creative process. The original drummer Yegros, blew himself up by accident in 95, and the next drummer, Goat the Destroyer, fell from the third floor in 2009. Two things, which, tragic as they are, otherwise they would thought to be perfect for a black metal band. But despite that the band has been in existence for 25 years, there has not been much. Who have no musical development since their debut, Morbosidad. It is exactly the same kind of proto-black metal, which saw the light back in the start 90's – the time when the dødsmetallen divided in two, and black metallen occurred. As seen with the nostalgic eyes it is surely a welcome and almost pleasant reunion. The problem is just that how much nostalgia can be, so is Corona de Epidemia røvkedelig. It is 32 minutes, you don't get again; it's 32 minutes of the same riff, the same beat and the same ekkobrøl.

There is no variation, no development, no surprises – just a static sound that refuses to evolve. There are so many bands that have had the same sound in the 20 to 30 year or have chosen to sound like a black metal band from the start the 90's, and they do it all together much better than Morbosidad do it. So there is no reason at all that you had to make the conscious choice, it is to put them on the plant. If you want to have the audio, they offer, there are a cornucopia of other, better bands to choose from. The only thing that really makes that stand out is that they sing in Spanish, but thanks to the fact that Tomas is totally incomprehensible, it also totally doesn't matter.

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