Covered In Black - Anubis Gate

World class!

Progressive metal is often, and quite mistakenly, the cut over the same comb of those who don't know the genre properly; "it is jazz musicians who play metal "or "they just need to show what they can, and lit the solos of". Prejudices are many, and the genre is, in my eyes, eerily underestimated. Progressive metal is infinitely more than individualists, who just preen. Listen finally to Anubis Gate and get vision on the case – good prog doesn't have to be complex and hard to listen to. In the best of Pink Floyd-style it can easily be very beautiful, while it still requires a bit of empathy and affection from the listener – devotion, which in the end is it all worth it. Covered in Black are nothing less than a masterpiece.

The gods should know that top ten sure the skulls are not sitting loosely in the hand at me – it's only been to a handful of them over the years – but formidable beautiful music can be seen, heard, and smelled at a long distance, and so there is not much else to do. Anubis Gate have done it again. I hesitate not a moment, once again, to give ten wonderful and well-deserved skulls for the Danish prog-kings. And it is even the first time, I give ten skulls to the same band for the second time. Congratulations with the farm, boys!

Yet another masterpiece from the Danish prog-kings!

Denmark is very much set on the prog-map

In 2014 released the Anubis Gate the formidable album Horizons, which signed the writer does not hesitate one second to provide the absolute highest grade, this web-magazine can dish up with. At that time it was a true pleasure to hear a Danish band masters of the prog-genre versatility, experimentation and technical delights without at any time losing ground. And it still is! The gentlemen Sørensen, Bodin, Olesen and Fevre has done it again – a real tour de force in the well-acted, dark and alluring beautiful progressive metal has seen the light. Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honour for me to notify Covered in Black.

Nothing is so bad...

With the very talented Jacob Hansen behind the buttons have Danish Anubis Gate (again) outdone themselves. It has been three years since the eerily good Horizons – an album that might be in the soft end of the scale, when we're talking progressive metal but now the quartet is back with a utterly strong, dynamic and quite dark sequel.

On the Covered in Black , again the dark recesses of the mind, which is explored in this alluring tekstunivers. Mental ill-health of one of band members has been the setting for the grim and dark theme, there are themes on the album, and has also contributed to the sangskrivningsprocessen has resulted in some significantly harder passages, than we heard on the previous masterpiece. Anubis Gate delivers the still subdued fragments of the sonic delights that get the listener to dream far away on the endless prog-fields. But Covered in Black , there is a lot more hard-hitting periods of good gammeldaws dobbeltpedal, thunderous riffs and not so much pis. Good mixed with everything from cello and classical piano for oriental sitarer and exciting scales invited the listener out on a formidable journey, which is enjoyed best in one stretch from one end to the other.

Most prog-allergikeres biggest fear – the navlepillende and self-promoting instrumental-masturbation – exposed one cannot. Don't worry. None of the members of Anubis Gate have eight-minute ego-time to show what they can; it shall provide the amazing music and the beautiful interaction. And thank you for it!

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