Crossing the Blades - Running Wild

Just let sølvseglene be in skatkisten

It may well be, Running Wild have had more members, than there is a treasure map of the Caribbean, but their only remaining member from the start in the early 1980's, singer and guitarist of Rock 'n' Rolf Kasparek, has always been the guarantor of well-made, but also pretty generic heavy metal. Even though they come around in slightly different styles, make it generic also applicable on this small EP, there is the probably most are sent on the street to keep the grog-pot to the boil until the Running Wild was supposed to be ready with a new album in the middle in 2020. Even for the faithful piratfans happens probably not that great by postponing the use of the hard-earned ducats, sølvsegl and galleoner, the new album comes on the street.

News from the pirates ' world

Running Wild is in the wider circles, probably best known for having invented one of the more bizarre sub-genres in metallens many-faceted world: namely piratmetal. Whether it is something to be proud of, after all, is a matter of taste, but since the band's third album, Under Jolly Roger , 1987, has a theme so centered around the particular pirates. Musically, the band has also never left the'80s, and the well-known germanic mix of speed and powermetal has been their trademark since the beginning. Now emit the German piratelskere as an EP with three new songs and a single cover.

The Kiss must take responsibility

The first track "Crossing The Blades" is 100% powermetal and made for those who love to rant on the heroic chorus of heroes, honor, war, and all the other "one for all, all for one"-cliches. The melodies in the "Blades" are fine, the pace is high, it all comes skillfully and professionally, and this number must, therefore, enough to satisfy most Running Wild fans. "Stargazed" has riffs, dobbeltguitar and choruses, reminiscent of early Acceptance, but impresses otherwise not. On "Ride On The Wild Side" leave Running Wild suddenly Germania, and throws himself instead of the pure anglo-saxon hardrock, and even though trommespillet is quite mechanical, and the plates still standing in the queue, it is damn difficult not to get carried away by it easier debile chorus. Stupid and exhilarating at the same time, but it will actually work OK. In addition to the three new tracks featuring on the EP on a cover of the Kiss classic, "Strutter", for Running Wild, as the hordes of other metalkunstnere, strongly inspired by the american legends. Unfortunately brings to this version nothing new to the original, and with the mechanical "boom-bash-boom-bash"-trommestil lack the even full the swing, which is in the original.

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