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Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay - Cradle Of Filth

Less crinoline, more læderbuks
Black metal band, all black metallere love to hate is back with their 12. album, and although everything immediately is the old, yet new trends in the game. It seems to me this time more "accessible", purely musically, than their previous releases, there has been a bit of an acquired taste. There is a cut to the bone on the Cryptoriana, but without any compromise on the content. Perhaps it has become more streamlined than it used to be, for there are turned down for the, for Dani, the typical high-pitched vocals, something that did, I in his time chose Cradle of Filth from. It is still unmistakably them, and even without Dani, I think I'd be able to recognize them just on the music.


Something new, something old, something borrowed...
Are they so become less theatrical lately /always? Visually, no. They have, through the years, retained their gothic-nekromantiske landscaped craving for horror and religion, and their fascination of Byronsk and victorian occultism is still well preserved and are actually going really well expressed on this album - which is much less dramatically over-the-top than usual. There is a fine balancing act between the brutal and sophisticated at the Cryptoriana, and it is succeed them to maintain the very special Cradle of Filth-sound without repeating themselves – something a part nichebands well be able to learn a little. The disc's absolute highlight is the "Wester Vespertine", a heavy, hectic and unmistakably Cradlenummer, good and evil. If you are not happy with the Danis distinct tone of voice, this is a band that is extremely hard to keep, at least if you can't reconcile it with their really well-played and well-produced and quite excellent music.


There are turned down for the skrigeriet compared to previous releases. On the other hand, lots of screeching guitars on the title track, and paired with the slow drums and gloomy choir is an excellent representative of the stylistic opposites, who meet again and pulls the listener into a universe of intricate lyrics, and a romantic approach to metal. It's hard not to get carried away, and I get strong associations with the Dusk And Her Embrace, an album that helped to cement my love for the metal of the theatrical and overwhelming variation. Both of these albums to play in all keys, but "Dusk..." is more sinister and alluring, is Cryptoriana a breath of fresh air and actually much more heavy metal inspired than I had expected, something that helps to make the plate, as a whole, far more lyttervenlig. They have 11 albums in the backpack prior to this, some of which I have not sacrificed so much attention on ten of them, which they certainly deserved. But with this album, I feel, to Cradle and again I have found the song.

The dissenters among the dissenters
Cradle of Filth is neither trve or kvlt. They have been on the backlog for many years by a large and critical audience, but fortunately, there are more fans of the concept than opponents, for it would be a shame to have to give up on the aesthetic of black metal, dealing with the sexual deviations and the monster in the man. It is bombastic, opulent and theatrical; all the things they've got the planer for the last 25 years. And they are still skideligeglade with what you think about their music. They broke out of the underground to get their music out to as many people as possible – the cardinal sin number one in certain circles, and it is still not welcome to "admit", you hear the Cradle, in these circles. But you can't run from, they have shared the throne with Dimmu Borgir for many years, as one of the most reviled and popular black metal bands and with this album, there is not view, they are being disposed of right now.

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