Crystallizer - Crystal Ball

Onkeljokes and crooked penises

Crystal Ball is not a bad band, and the Crystallizer is in no way a bad album. If you like hard rock and glam, but at the same time, appreciate the small quirky feature, then one should surely invest in both the album and matching T-shirt. But maybe one should settle for the regular version as the two bonus tracks "Satisfaction Guaranteed" and "Exit Wound" does not make something good. In the same way we ought to have dasket Steven over the nose with a wet newspaper when he suggested that the intro to the last track "Symphony of Life" had to be him, humming into the microphone – stop Steven, you are not Enya! So all in all, aside from Steven, his odd vocals and lyrics that reek of penisreferencer and onkeljokes, so is the disc clear a bank transfer worth.

What year is it!?

The Crystal Ball is some old guys, not only in relation to their age or the fact that they have been making music since 1995, but because their music get an to look for a calendar just to double check that you are not back in LA in the start 80's. Crystallizer is their tenth studio album, and it is clear that they are still running their post-glamstil 100 %.

She's my Crystal Pie

Since the swiss musicians first came together back in Horw in 95, they called themselves the Cherry Pie. Yes, it is damn good enough, they named themselves after the Warrants only hit of the same name. They were however, after three years agree that it was perhaps not so smart to have named themselves after) and then started to spray the album out to the right and the left, now under the name Crystal Ball. Enough changed the name, but the glam-inspiration, the big hair and latexbukserne was hanging. Theme is love, and all sorts of euphemisms for the male sexual organ, it stops the never to be fun. It is a little, as if that Crystal Ball back in 95 decided, to Judas Priest's Rocka Rolla is the best washer ever, so why not just try to make it again and again? A fact that constantly being established, each time that Steven Mageney opens his mouth: He must be a big Judas Priest fan, for it can not be a coincidence that he sounds like Rob Halford, just with a serious round of inflammation of the throat. But if you look away from the platte glam-element and the a little too quirky vocals, so you can't change the fact that the music in itself, nothing fails. Crystallizer is well-produced, and Scott Leach has sometimes some surprising solos, which makes one to lose the lower jaw and at the same time manages to replace the glam-rock band with power metal, which is a welcome element. Crystallizer is a fun album – and I mean funny as in strange or funny. For it is, fortunately, not pure glam; who sneaks out at times, different elements, for example power or heavy, such as on the track "Death on Holy Ground", if the intro is almost such a little slut-90's nu metal a la Korn. So the music is sufficiently varied that it does not feel as if you just hear the same number 10 times in a row, but it is also not so experimental, one needs to replace his lukewarm beer with a glass of rosé or his leather jacket with a turtleneck.

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