Currents - In Vain

Extremely successful

It is hard to put a band like In Vain in the crib, so let's not spend more time on it, but only to find that the norwegians across a lot of subgenrer has created a small masterpiece in the Currents. Fans of bands like Swallow the Sun and Persefone does not go wrong in the city here, but in general I would advise all to give the record a listen. And hey, I got said that Trivium Matt Heafy is on the song "Soul Adventurer"? Well, it is he. And it underlines once again just how versatile, wide-ranging and delightfully experimental In Vain.
It is heavy, soft, dreamy, grandiose and melodic. And extremely successful! Nine beautiful skulls from here.

A little masterpiece from our Norwegian brothers


Let us call a spade a spade

There was a time in this author younger days when metal was just metal. There was no "ambient post-almost shoegaze vibe", "introspective blackened doom-glam", or similar exclusionary and elitist genredefinitioner. No, there was just good music. However, there must be used a few vocabulary words from the great subgenreordbog, as of this review, to be able to describe a band as wide and complete as possible. But first and foremost, and without nørkle around in subgenrer, so let me be clear that Currents – the fourth album from the Norwegian In Vain – is really nice music.

Hard-hitting and beautifully

Take a deep breath, and say that three times fast after each other: "blackened technical extreme progressive/melodic death metal". And so maybe even "with a twist"... Yes, it sounds border on the moronic, when one engages in the use of subgenrer, when a band to be described, but the above term covers very well, what the new disc from the Kristiansand-band In Vain.

With the formidable tracks such as the opener "Seekers of the Truth", the grandiose "Origin", and, not least, the decidedly pretty "A Bygone Time" features the quintet its listener on a fantastic journey around the big beautiful musical landscapes, where good and evil go hand in hand. As liquid silk, rinse the soft waves of alluring sound over the listener, who can only sit back and enjoy this 42 minutes of stunning music.
Currents is an album with a lot of layers and variation, constantly with the epic in the centre. There are both growls and clean vocals, soft acoustic passages and hard-hitting ditto with dobbeltpedal. It is uplifting and sorrowful at the same time – and map and well just damn good.

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