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Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten - Carach Angren

A true masterpiece

I must say that Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rat is clearly the best album I have heard in years and I recommend everyone to give it a listen. It will be exciting to see what other rædsels stories Carach Angren has in store for us, I will certainly wait with excitement. It will be also exciting on the visit Denmark at some point, I'm certainly tremendously curious or to see how their ghost story sounds live.

Brilliant storytellers

Carach Angren (which means "iron jaws" or "Jernkæber/jaws of iron" in Tolkien's selvopfundne elversprog from Lord of the Rings) has since its inception in 2003 has been well-known for their eminent abilities in storytelling, and all of their previous albums have told a particular story. Not only tells of their albums an incredible story, the music they use to tell with, is absolutely unique. One says that music is emotion, and it is clearly the major emotions that are at play here. When you listen to Carach Angren feel like you're sitting in the front row to a world-class opera, apart from that, the musicians on the stage goes far beyond the ordinary and into the darkest parts of human nature.

A beautiful waltz with ghosts and spirits

In the Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten , we hear the story of a little girl, playing with a ouija-board, and the horrible, the human and the inhuman demons, she comes in contact with. Carach Angren have created a masterpiece of an album that is both atmospheric and "finkulturelt" , but also hugely catchy as the song "Blood Queen", which is filled with both magnificent orchestral pieces and fængene pieces, you can sing along with. It almost feels like watching an old horror movie, even more eerie, because there is no pictures to put limits on your own imagination. There is a huge discomfort and many horrors on this album, but not without beauty, and this contrast between the terrible and the marvellous are so powerful, that it becomes almost moved to tears.

Now called the plate the Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten, and there are also several of the songs, where you almost imagine a couple who dances around in a damn ballroom, a little a la Tim Burton's movie "Corpse Bride", it is especially true in the song "In de Naam van de Duivel", which is being pulled so strongly by their story, that you can almost see it for themselves. "In de Naam van de Duivel" left me completely speechless with chills all the way out to the fingertips.

Each song is a little ghost story that both works absolutely great for themselves, but when they come together in the order in which Carach Angren have created, arises the magic. Both the vocals and instrumentaliseringen is so close to the unearthly perfection, that one would think they had made a deal with a demon. And there is especially a demon, who goes again, his name is Charlie, and it is to him, the songs "Charlie" and "Charles Francis Coghlan" is all about, it is him, that haunts the little girl with the ouija board. The story of Charles Francis Coghlan is also a bit of an urban myth, so if you love the history on Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten , you can always examine the history. His character is insanely interesting, and he presented absolutely fantastic in "Charlie", as an evil, inhuman spirit, perhaps even the devil in disguise.

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