Dark Matter - The Word Alive

Brewed in an old – and gradually worn – recipe

Yes, the plate is dynamic and great-sounding, but it is not enough to retrieve all the skulls home. In my ears is a Dark Matter right on the border to be overproduced and totally tamed. I miss simply some solid waves of sound, not just aer the ear canal, but takes hold and scrunch a little. And most of all, I miss originality: the Vast majority of what Dark Matter offers, is made and heard many, many times before – unfortunately. 7 mediocre skulls from here.

Ease the signs from The Word Alive

Balanced offspring

The population density is now about to be high in band-land, but it shall be no Arizona-based The Word Alive from spawn further. This time the band was given birth with their fourth albumudspil, Dark Matter, which according to. frontman Telle Smith, was conceived during the band's most intense time of study. Do you have to believe in Smith's own words, this heat studiestund spawned an album, which is the lads ' most dynamic to date – let us look at the matter.

Dark Matter matters

The first thought that went surfing around on my cerebral cortex, after I had infiltrated this a few times with the Dark Matter disc, sounded something like: "Wow, even a band that is waving goodbye to the angry, sneering caveman and instead welcome you to the wistful, well-groomed teenage boy". In other words: The Word Alive shows a shift in their style, where they is now truly underlines their sense for great melodies and refined sound, however, often at the expense of the rawness we got thrown after us at the debut Deceiver. Understand me right, it is hardly a time pop, we're out of here, and the boys gave us then still a confederate metalcore (a la djent here and there.

We are out in the soft end of the spekteret, we find åbningsnummeret Dreamer, who after a relatively long electronic intro topped with evocative vocals from Smith develops into a solid rock song with a fresh and tastefully refrains. In the same category is also Face to Face, where the melodic aspect is given free rein.

We turn then a tooth up for the anger and the intensity, we find the record's first two single, Trapped and the Sellout, of which the former is a true energy boost and the enough strongest number. His partner, Sellout, roars away from the first second, and has some whimsical undertone of good, old-fashioned punk, which especially comes to expression in the chorus. As I said, played there also with the newfangled djent-contrivance, which permeates many of the tracks. Obvious is the inspiration in Made This Way and Dark Matter.

Another source of inspiration may be said to be Oli Sykes and co. from Bring Me The Horizon – whether this is conscious or not. Tracks like the Insane, Suffocation and Piece of Me leaning with their ambient, electronic and melodious style incredibly close to the british colleagues ' gradually well-established sound, and especially the intro to Suffocation gives a deja-vu to BMTH's Sleepwalking.

The big surprise is the number Grunge that – yes, you guessed right – are trying to revive the 1990s – just for a while then. However, it is by no means a reincarnation of neither Nirvana or Pearl Jam, we will be met by, but rather a strange concoction of grunge, metalcore and djent.

After the small three quarter in the company with The Word Alive will be rounded plate with Oxy, which I really can't throw a lot of skulls for: It is simply a rodebunke.

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