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Dawn Of The Dragonstar - Twilight Force

Challenges in the adventure


Yet once we go on a adventure with Twilight Force

And this time they have something new to show us.

For Chrileon has chosen to leave his ilk

And instead we've got an Italian friend.


Alessandro Conti will instead report on group process

against the evil wizards and orcs with swords.

Of dragons and stars this time are mixed together

But this is not all joy and gammen.


For even though the band has had challenges with their sangskriv

Because the group is scattered all over the lake and the reeds.

So, unfortunately, there is talk about a stalled magic

As repeat a has already thought of fantasy.


Besides the Contis deeper voice

As otherwise, it falls to this reviewer to a good breast.

So, most of the songs on this flick

Have been recorded on the "heroes of mighty magic".


But this is not necessarily an evil

For the songs are certainly better than roughly.

For songs like "Queen of eternity" and "Winds of Wisdom"

Triggers in the level a more favoribel judgment.

As for the wild fan of the genre, I will admit

On this disc is very to download.

But it should only be listened by someone with a penchant for all

That falls under the designation: Epic-symphonic-power-european-bubblegum-metal.

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