Death Atlas - Cattle Decapitation

Ave Genocide

Ergo is Death the Atlas is not a perfect or perfect album, but it is still a really strong album and an album that deserves a lot of recognition and praise! There are lots of big gestures and big ideas, so it is an album that is about as intelligent as it is hard-hitting – which is not something you usually see in grindcore territory.

There is, however, a few imperfections, but perhaps it fits very well, for the Cattle Decapitation painter not just any pretty picture of reality or humanity. To emphasize this, so allow me to quote the words of Ryan himself: "Ave Genocide, this is an emergency! Present-day predators now electing generation to die. Extermination defined!"


Grind 'em All

Cattle Decapitation, the band has never made a secret of their views and opinions. These are expressed through violent album covers as well as hard-hitting a shot and aggressive lyrics.

On their eighth studio album follows the usual line that we humans actually is something worse dung, but on the macro level as they started on their previous album, The Anthropocene Extinction. However, it does seem umildbart to Death the Atlas is intended as a more accessible album than their previous releases – that is so "accessible" as grindcore can now be. But it is evident that nihilism and misantropi still are the two pillars on which the Cattle Decapitation builds their musical universe.

The sound of self-knowledge and a serious depression

"Fuck the future, fuck mankind" – with these moving words ending "The Geocide", the album's first real track, and the words summarizes in fact the whole album and its theme enough then fine. The world is dead, succumbed for the constantly growing population, and the only thing that can save us, is death, disease and disaster. It's all a matter of race with death, for we all know who wins that race. The question is just how much damage we can cause before being obtained by the man with the scythe. How much can we achieve, to drown in the endless waves of konsumerisme, consumerism and unstoppable capitalism? These are some of the questions, as Cattle Decapitation puts on Death Atlas. And the answer they come up with is a bleak one presented on the track "Bring Back the Plague": "Bring back the plague, delete those that threaten a new world, start today, dig their graves" – cheerfully not true?

No, the Death the Atlas is not the feel-good music – on the contrary! But rarely has the anthems of the national disaster and a bruised lemming-inspired mass suicide sounded so good! The band is in absolute top condition, and the production is masterful. There is something for both old and new fans of Cattle Decapitation. The pace is generally slower, and the framework is perhaps more progressive and melodic than in the past, but there are still plenty of horse racing and totally cut to pieces. So you can think what you will about Travis ryan's "clean vocals", which most of all sounds like a morgensur witch. Sometimes fit into, sometimes they become too much – so everything is a question of balance. In the same way the music becomes at times a little too repetitive and monotonous. There was also enough also do not need the entire three instrumental numbers. I can understand an intro, but there was no need for neither "The Great Dying" or "The Great Dying, Pt 2", and I wonder if not "The Unerasable Past" just should have been a part of the title track instead?

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