Death By Fire - Enforcer (SWE)

When the old sound will get a renewed expression

So it was again time for something new metal from our Swedish neighbours. The band, Enforcer, playing a mixture of heavy and speed metal, with roots in the old style, is ready with their third full-length Death by Fire.

The record starts out with a brief instrumental intro, which is quickly over, and then it otherwise, straight on and hard with a game bold heavy/speed metal. It clearly audible inspirations from Agent Steele, but certain passages will certainly the listener to think of Iron Maiden, Head/1689">Diamond Head etc. Through the entire plate comprises the numbers you see some really cool riffs, solos, good bass, some hard drums and, not least, a really bold vocals of Olof Wikstrand, who started the band back in 2004.

The sound is also really good. It is clear to hear that the album is new, but they manage at the same time, to give it an old touch, and it works really well.

Death by Fire is on the whole a really good album. It is classic, it is heavy and for all that is wild, with bands such as Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, and Agent Steele, is there's no excuse not to check it here album out!

Tracklist 01 - Bells Of Hades 02 - Death Rides This Night 03 - Run For Your Life 04 - Mesmerized By Fire 05 - Take Me Out Of This Nightmare 06 - Crystal Suite 07 - Sacrificed 08 - Silent Hour / The Conjugation 09 - Satan

Enforcer - Mesmerized By Fire

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