Death Resonance - Soilwork

Great album as you might come to love

It certainly can not reach as great heights as Stabbing The Drama , or their previous album The Ride Majestic, but it does need it as such either. It is a quite decent album, which is not difficult to be wise, but if you will love it, I don't know. But you are going, without doubt, to keep it in your Soilwork collection. As mentioned before, so it can here the band almost did not turn a tone wrong, and it applies also on this album, but it does still not sufficiently satisfactory. Much new under the sun is not there, and it does not matter, for it is Soilwork, and it works. Seen in the light of some of their previous albums, so get Death Resonance 7 skulls, a good and well-produced album.

Soilwork continues to work his way up from the Swedish soil

You old, You fria, Du fjällhöga nord

Sweden's melodød pride Soilwork, has yet again pulled in the office and are now ready with their eleventh album, Death Resonance. An album which, of course, contains new songs, but has also given some of their older songs a 2016 makeover, so they fit to the new album.

Soilwork has had several lineup changes in their almost 20 years, and now we must so to it again. Dirk Verbeuren has chosen to say adjö to Soilwork to become a real man in Megadeth, as he has helped on their latest tour. In other words it is the last album in which we can enjoy this drum machine, at least in Soilwork context. Is Death Resonance a worthy sentence for Dirk?

Another day at the office

It is, indeed. For Soilwork almost can't put a note wrong. They possess a versatility that few bands can master. With several stunning albums in the luggage, then one is not in doubt that it is a band with some incredibly talented musicians and creators. But when you have so many great albums behind them, then undertake it to the degree also. The expectations are not without reason, turned all the way in the top to this album.

And it is really a good album, it must be said with the same. It is also clear from the first second, with åbningsnummeret "Helsinki", which hits one like a freight train, with massive drums and razor sharp guitar riffs. It has everything as is Soilwork, and as fans love. Björns majestic vocal cuts as always through with his growls and screams, after which he turns over in the clean vocals in the chorus, and to the hell where it just works and when something works, so do you do it of course. It is also nice to be expressed in the number "My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool", which more or less demonstrates it so well in the song title. It is a classic Soilwork number with completely flawless drums, prominent guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. A number that really catches from the first second, something that I otherwise thought that the album a little lacking.

It all just gets a bit too trivial. I lack one thing or another that really knocks the legs out from under me. Stabbing The Drama was, for me, an album that really kept me to the dish from start to finish, and I didn't think this album does. Happens super much on this album, almost too much. It is difficult to accommodate, although I will admit that the album has taken more after several viewings. However, when it is said, so it is without a doubt a beautiful and velpoleret album, which contains the whole essence of Soilwork. It is hard, but at the same time reassuring in many ways. The aforementioned songs are for me the best tracks on the album, but there are also plenty of substance and beatings in the form of "Death Resonance", "These Absent Eyes" and "Resisting The Current".

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