Death Thy Lover - Candlemass

And 'doommen' is

Do you like Candlemass, in particular, or heavy metal in general, then you have with Death Thy Promise to put name on your next purchases, for it is simply møghamrende fat!!! Great to see a band, despite several shifts at the sangposten, still can appear vital and relevant. I've been a fan of the band, in many, many years now, and each time there comes a new slice, the love revived! CANDLEMASS RULES!!!

The mighty Swedish doom-machine swings the hammer again!

...And how it should be done...

Finally, the mighty swedes back! After a longer break of udgivelsesfronten – apart from a split-EP with Entombed and switch on the frontmandsposten facing Candlemass back with a 4-track long EP! And what a bang to come back with, here is talking about doom metal of the most precious kind! From the first strum of the guitar pulls the band through a universe as heavy as liquid lead from a black sky. The pace is low, the drums like the hammer, riffene amazing, the solos melodic and sad, and the new vocalist, Mats Léven, as some might remember from the band Krux, is a competent replacement for Robert Lowe.

'Doomicus Metallicus Stadigcus'

Candlemass have always been the exponents of some of it – in my ears – best dommedagsmetal at all. They have since the beginning of their career (started 34 years ago!!) had a superb take on the Black Sabbath-inspired part of the metalspektret. And here in Death Thy Promise is not it, that looks like the new buns on the soup. No, there is only talk about buns of a weight only even Candlemass manages to match! Leif Edling, which is the band's primary songwriter, serves up 4 great tracks, of which the last, "The Goose", is an instrumental one of its kind. The numbers resemble each other very much, and it gives a bold red thread all the way through.

New Candlemass-the context is the singer Mats Léven, and he was one of the largest nysgerrighedspunkter for me, I loved what Robert Lowe (Solitude Aeturnus) brought to the band, and he is in my world the best doom metal vocalist of all time. So I was excited and quite skeptical, but Mats do it happily to shame with an outstanding performance. His sound fits very well to the band's heaviness, and though he is clearly not as technically skilled as Robert or as 'operatisk' as the Messiah, so manages he to hit his own style, which is quite sinister in the expression!

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