Decision Day - Sodom

German means quality!

Decision Day is a modern classic. It is an extremely accomplished album, full of expertise and experience, as well as a feeling that Sodom does not intend to give up for the time being – if they can continue in this way after so many years of faithful service, so it would not make sense for them to stop. Sodom proves once again that the germans have crazy good grip on the metal!

German sodomy is the best sodomy!

If you should be in no doubt about what Sodoms musical entrance is, so one only need look at their latest album, Decision Day. The cover shows a zombie-cyborg-soldier-of Jesus, who goes crazy with sniper rifles, and explosions, all the while both the american and the Russian flag stands in the light of a flame of fire, and in the background several missiles light. Sodom has always been about war, destruction and the total destruction. Sodom is still the classic German thrash, but with the lyrical approach, which is otherwise most often found in the more nihilist bands, that is to find in the dark, Norwegian forests. The good old Tom Angelripper sings as also precise, as if he just fronts a classic black metal band, and it is this blend of thrash and black, that makes that Sodom still stands out from the crowd of other German thrash bands – as they have done ever since 1981.

Decision Day presents what one can expect of Sodom: an hour of raw, German violence! There is a full stone on all instruments, and it all works as a beautiful and nypoleret Mercedes Benz, that comes brand new from the factory.

Thrashin' 2016!

Even though the year is not completely gone yet, can you quickly agree that 2016 has been a superb year for thrash metal. There have been so many strong records, particularly from the old thrash bands that have proven that just because you have reached 50, you can still be furious and go crazy – maybe just because to show all the new punks, you still have total control of how a guitar should be torn.

Decision Day and Sodom is no exception: It is a shotgun, but at the same time well-produced and masterful slice with a series of numbers that goes purely into, for example, "Caligula", which proves that Tom has pretty well mastered a bass line. Also, there is an excellent thread in the music; you get the 11 numbers that hangs really well together, both when it comes to pace and structure. It is a true German bulwark covered with barbed wire and cement from the forgotten nazibunkere.

Even the lyrics manage to be both provocative, aggressive, as well as to maintain the such a little cynical 'tongue-in-cheek'humour, often of German thrash. It is phenomenal!

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