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Deep calleth upon Deep - Satyricon

The Post black stress syndrome

It is difficult to clarify what makes, I am calm, when I listen to the Deep.... It is a bit experimental with its understated prog elements in "Blood Cracks Open The Ground" and the Castle-as-we-know-them closing track "Burial Rites" as counterpoint. But it is never quite dangerous enough or overwhelming enough. It seems to me too deliberate to be convincing, and although I have kept much of the Satyricon in more years than I will admit, my love for the concept is not enough to give the top marks for one of the bands that have helped to shape a scene that still celebrates the old virtues, despite the fact they no longer enforce them itself.

Satyricon rumbles on pointless album

- Profile releases

2017 has been a good year for black metal, both nationally and internationally. The heavy boys (and one girl) have dominated the chrome releases, and there is still a handful and is waiting for us, as it gets noticeably colder and darker. To celebrate, it is now autumn in earnest, Satyricon released a plate, In the have heard about: Deep Calleth Upon Deep. Whether it is random, it just was the day we went the darker times in the meeting, I can only speculate on, but it would not surprise me if, also it is a part of the plan a little too well thought out album.

Incoherent and pointless

Satyricon is as a starting point leveringsdygtig in a form of black metal, I would call efficient and unpretentious. It is music for people who appreciate metal with attitude without having to compromise on quality. There is not a finger to put on either the setup or execution of the eight numbers, and it is nice to be witness to the experimental result of the Satyrs musical expression. But even though I appreciate the psychotic jazztrompet that elbows itself into the "Dissonant", and how the opener "Midnight Serpent" performs to build a bridge between the old, barely-controlled ferocity, we know from the previous releases and the new muted sound, I am different loren by the single "to Your Brethren In The Dark". Honestly, it sounds as if it is written to fill a little on the plate. It is elongated and dragged their feet, and worst of all: It gives me a sense of the whole thing is too polished and calculated.

However, the projected part of the album them absolutely to the good, when the speech falls on their much-criticised choice of cover art. Cover art has a huge impact on the overall impression of a plate, and it seems it has gone the majority of their fans' noses over, the black/white image is not just a hastily sketched drawing on the back of a napkin. Nothing less than "The Kiss Of Death" by Edward Munch is selected to be the first you meet, when you become acquainted with an album that bears the hallmarks of being closer to a solo project than a joint effort. The image has obviously been selected in connection with the Satyrs illness and healing, and where it in the highest degree reflects the immediate minimalism that permeates there are many references to the music, and there are, as we all have learned in dansktimerne, when it shall be something much more to it than you first think. But unfortunately it is not enough to erase the feeling that this album didn't feature the really big experiences. There is no direction or anything that leaves a lasting impression, in contrast to previous releases, despite it, in its entirety, appears as well thought out, down to the smallest detail.

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