Degradead - Degradead

Dead heat for Degradead

Are you melodød – and even the Swedish ones – I am sure that you will think about Degradead. What, however, I am also sure of is that this plate will not enrich you with anything new. It is the same old trotter again and again. There are highlights occasionally, such as "Afterlife", "Neglected" and "Victimize" and the lads ' strong sense of melodiøsitet, but unfortunately when it never to be memorabelt. I have extremely difficult to see Strömblads divination become a reality, for, when all comes to all, outweighs the good just the less good. Therefore, we end up in the middle of the scale and sends a flat fiver against Sweden.

Degradead outrank fish itself to cheap kopiband

The future of metal?

One must say that stockholm Degradead got a better start to his career than most of the other småbands, since during the preparation of their debut album, Till Death Do Us Apart , from 2008, was taken under the wings of none other than Björn Gelotte, Jesper Strömblad and Daniel Svensson (In Flames/ex-In Flames), who produced the album. In so doing, it took Strömblad big words in the mouth and said in excitement, to Degradead "the future of metal". Now, eight years later, facing the guys on their own two feet, and they are ready with their 5. washer, Degradead – let's see if Strömblads postulate is correct!

Diluted svenskerdød

I had sincerely been looking forward to delighting my ears with this record, when the Swedish melodød – in my book – is a sublime field with formidable qualities. However, cracked my pleasant anticipation soon as I get the numbers needed to recognise that Degradead is a paper-thin version of the otherwise heavy göteborgscene. The five guys can easily compose music and to create some crunchy numbers, but originality must therefore look long after.

As a consequence of this issue is it incredibly difficult to abstract from the idea that these svenska pojkar most of all appears as a cheap copy of the big boys in the bl.a. In Flames, Soilwork, at the Gates and Dark Tranquility. Be maintained, you must like to be inspired and tweak a good idea here and there, but you have to add a little new blood, otherwise it gets damn for indspist.

The strong inspiration, is evident from the first cut, "A New Dawn", but is ekstratydelig on the sequel "Afterlife", where I in a split second will be in doubt if I by mistake have thrown an early/mid-glory In Flames-dial at the plant instead of Degradead. The instruments banging out of place in a style very close to the flame-boy and the lead singer Mikael Sehlins dirty vocals reminiscent of a more irascible Anders Fridén. Aside from this, the work number quite well: It is both hard, catchy and energetic. However, one must be prepared for a super melodic chorus that is right on the borderline for radiovenligt. Then screw a tooth up for their aggressiveness, and we get tracks like "Victimize" – yet a reliable number, which is unfortunately drained of all innovation. The plate as a whole can best be described as a mixture of these two kinds of numbers: they are very melodic and the more brutal.

Sehlins vocals play a big role in the swedes ' sound, and for this I must say that my enthusiasm is utterly ambivalent. On the one hand, the dirty vocals tend to be directly strident, and the clean vocals put often on the border to flæberi. On the other hand, manages Sehlin supported to framework a fat field in the middle between Anders Fridén and Björn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork).

Something that bothers me about this disc is the production quality. There is a sad tendency that the sound simply becomes too digital and shallow, where it should be juicy and have depth. This affects especially the guitars and the drums, which never really manages to knock through and make their mark.

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