Delirium - Lacuna Coil

An upward spiral

It has all ways been a pleasure to listen to this record. Lacuna Coil is a band that gets better and better with time, and I will declare this album of their best ever. The only minus I can scrape up, is that the latter half is slightly weaker than the first, resulting in a bit of imbalance. This does not, however, that the disc as a whole is very strong, why italians get the whole 9 deliriske skulls with home.

The Italian gothfathers' is at the top with a new show of strength

Lacuna-coil is still playing

If there is something they gradually are accustomed to in the Lacuna Coil camp, so it's replacements in the bandstaben – and this eighth studio album, the Delirium, is characterized by new faces. Over the last few years, the italians had to wave goodbye to their two guitarists, 'Maus' and 'Pizza', and drummer 'CriZ'. As a plaster on the wound, they have welcomed guitarist Diego Cavallotti and trommetæskeren Ryan Blake the Fold. Perhaps it was precisely this Lacuna-friends needed: renewed energy and fresh inputs!

Delirium: mental confusion, and delusions or what?

Genre it is quite hard to keep track on this disc – but it is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the band mastered the difficult balancing act between variety and jumble. Delirium-the dial turns mainly its folds within the alternative metal, but also offers small, exciting detours for everything from gothic, melodic, symphonic, electronic, metalcore and even pop.

Usually they have Italian friends bet hard on the tracks in mid-tempo field – but why also change something they know works?

One thing seems however to be changed: the Approach to the music is harder than in the past – and it fits damn band! This style is demonstrated already from the first track, "The House Of Shame", which kicked – or shout – in the time of Andrea Ferros lungebristende roar.

The general soundscape is characterized by the inconsolably drumming, thundering bass lines, low voted guitars – yes, I guess you can almost not play modern metal with a standardstemt guitar anymore – it's sublime vokalpar as well as a host of more subtle layers of, you have to yourself to explore. The production sitting right in the eye, and Lacuna Coil shows once again that they are true melodimestre – listen, for example, "Delirium", "Take Me Home" and "My Demons".

The musical married couple of over 20 years – Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia – has always been the band's trademark, and it is certainly not without reason. Their various vokalføringer compliment each other like yin and yang: Ferro with its raw, untamed tones and Scabbia with its fine, very soft and beautiful song. Clear is the dynamics and the interaction between them on the "Blood, Tears, Dust," and "My Demons".

I should like to admit that Scabbia is not my personal favorite in the field of angry women, but I must acknowledge that she is in Delirium makes a very good work. On the more quiet and thoughtful track, "Downfall", showing she really a vokalske worth, and it is not to be mistaken. It is most often Scabbia, who steals the limelight, but here I must also strike a blow for Ferro. He deserves recognition for his strong vocals, and without him was Lacuna-coil so for the cane!

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that Delirium has treats in the form of gæsteguitarister, there spæder the dial up with crisp solos. Mark Vollelunga from Nothing More has graced the "Blood, Tears Dust", and Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge has thrown the absolutely perfect solo in "Downfall"! The mother is happy.

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