Descender - Redwood Hill

Redwood Hill – yet another reason to be proud to be a dane!

Danish Redwood Hill is a bit hard to tie to one single genre. I have read me to the blah. can be classified under the post thrashet black, which actually fits very well. However, I think that Redwood Hills music has several roots of the depressive black genre, which is one of my personal favorites. The mixture of these genreelementer works quite flawlessly, and put together by the Redwood Hills of the grim musical universe, giving it a truly unique experience. Descender is the band's debut album.

Descender is an album that features many impressions, and as a whole it is both varied and experimental, but Redwood Hill have really completely mastered, what they are doing. Overall it is a heavy and sinister album, and the easier underproducerede sound is absolutely perfect. I love the drums, the long instrumental passages, and I love the band to have braided a bit of German poetry. The clean vocals used in some songs, is a perfect contrast to how raw the album in addition.

In my eyes this album is some of the coolest, the Danish metalscene has seen in a while. It is evil, it is heavy and brutal – but beautiful. There is something indeterminate about this album that gives it a hell of a lot of atmosphere and soul enough that it is the kind of music that you can sit alone in the dark and being totally overwhelmed by. To appoint a favoritnummer shows itself as being an impossible task, so I would recommend the easy solution: the out and buy the album! Redwood Hill is yet another band from the Danish metalscene, which we can be proud of – and they are much more than that.

Tracklist 01. Aten 02. Dybbuk 03. Sadness 04. Poseidon 05. Croatoan 06. September

Below you can hear "Dubbuk" from the Descender:

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