Desolate Divine - The Color Morale

Gray in gray

After having been in the fine company of the Desolate Divine in a week's time I feel to say the least, divided. On the one hand, annoys me infinitely, that the boys time and time again copying themselves and other bands in the field, but on the other hand, is the result quite great-sounding, and I can't say me that we have nynnet with on a song or two. The record as a whole catches me though, and the guys have a particularly hard time to maintain my attention through the disc's 42-minute playing time. It's not a bad plate, it is just dødkedelig. Therefore, we end up at a fesent 5-figures.

The Color Morale screws down the color palette and deliver a pale and boring 5. album

Renewal, thanks

For me, there are no doubt that metalcore and post-hardcore has quickly become a pair of scuffed genreprædikater that are hard to shake. The field is flooded constantly with new bands, but yet it is the few that really breaks the barrier. A band, who since 2009 has made an honorable attempt to change the statistics, is american The Color Morale, and with four plates in the backpack joins the now on the field with their latest creation, the Desolate Divine.

The musical moralprædike

Are you looking for a decent candidate to tweak the band's innovation award in the year 2016, you are gone horribly wrong – for let it be said immediately: This plate does not contain a single gram of originality or innovation. Grabs you a snas The Word Alive, We Came as Romans, Pierce the Veil and Memphis May Fire, put it in the big musikblender and give it a good spin, is Desolate Divine the lumpy, solid mass, you after 30 seconds of rotation is left with. This is not to say that the washer does not work – it makes the shame – it is just damn predictable and empty of any hint of independence.

The ballad stops, unfortunately, not here, for problems with ingenuity and diversity continues in the individual sanges structure and casting. Instead of doing something wild and daring to follow the dear americans the safe plan, and stick tight to the stereotypical metalcore-recipe, which gradually came to be said to be threadbare. The colorful moralists brings nothing new to the table, but rely instead on the well-known items such as alterneret clean and dirty vocals, grandiose melodies by the bucketful, a couple of breakdowns and a good deal of sing-along that gets even the most shy to sing along with. All together in the usual way.

When this is said and done, and my blood pressure also dropped to a comfortable level, I must also point out that the plate is in spite of everything contains a handful of – albeit rather anonymous – quite nice numbers, of which the first three intersections, "Lonesome Soul", "Clip Paper Wings" and "Walls", is strongest. Especially the latter manages to really create a both melancholic and energetic atmosphere, which is quite interesting.

Another highlight is without a doubt tekstskrivningen, which works very well. We are far out over 'heart-anal-rim-and-remserne', and true to tradition, the dry moraledrengene affect severe problems such as mental illness and fragile mind. The subjects are treated with respect, that is not going flæberi in it, and the message is always nice and positive. Pluspoint for it.

Last, but not least, there is a solid interplay between the two vocalists, especially the clean vocalist Garret Rapp is doing a good job. He is certainly a skilled vocalist, and his voice is incredibly beautiful – maybe even too nice.

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