Diamond Head - Diamond Head

A velsleben diamond

All in all, is this plate a great revival of the old diamanthoved, who has been in musical hibernation for more or less 9 years. The guys remain true to themselves, but still manages to renew itself and be old-fashioned in the modern way. They provide the great melodies you can remember, and I should then like to admit that I have not been able to resist the temptation to hum along here and there! The only negative criticism I can conjure up is that the tracks "Our Time is Now" and "Speed" seems pretty pointless and boring – they get the character of a kind of needless fill on an otherwise solid plate. These svipsere does not, however, that the Diamond Head – overall – has committed a very solid slice, which is why we end up on the 8 højkaratskranier.

Diamonds are forever: the NWOBHM-pioneers are back with a new, brillant grinding

Old jas with the new vocals

Head/1689">Diamond Head – the band is best known for being the musical supplier and a source of inspiration no. one of storebrødrene in Metallica – join now on the field with their 7. studio album – the first in 9 years! In spite of a monsterlang career, branded as live the NWOBHM legends and general acclaim in the musical environments, it never really managed the guys to meet their full potential – on the contrary, they appear to have lived in the shadow of the really big boys...

It must change – now! In 2014 hvervede diamanthovedet a new lead singer – Danish-Rasmus Bom Andersen – and with his recording debut here at Diamond Head to get the boys a new shot in the bøssen to prove that the well itself can.

A bygone to be revoked

Diamond Head exudes old school vibe, and from the very first toneanslag I will be at the odd show will be brought back to a time before I was born – the earlier 80's.

Åbningsnummeret, "Bones", begins diamantjagten with a spændingsopbyggende, classic drum/guitarintro, after which the track explodes in a true riff-show-off from guitarist Brian Tatlers page. He knows exactly how a guitar must be milled, and he shows it like on the track's crisp guitar solo that brings the track a little extra spicy spice.

The number is – as suggested – also Andersen's vokalpræmiere, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. With his pure and delicate vocals, he is the perfect match for the Diamond Heads heavy rock retrolyd. Actually, I think that he clothes the band and the music better than the previous singer, Nick Tart, which lacked a little 'the bottom' and robustness in the vocals. In addition, Andersen a sense for the cool tunes, and he manages to maintain a good variation in vokalføringen, so that he does not become dull or too predictable – listen, for example, "All The Reasons You Live" and "Blood on My Hands".

In addition to the velpolerede vocals are guitararbejdet a supporting element for the disc – everywhere there are small, delicious details and exciting melodies. In particular, the riff king Tatlers capabilities to its right on the numbers, "Bones", "See You Rise" and "Blood on My Hands" and the sweaty solos, which is spread nicely out over the plate. With the track "Set My Soul on Fire" stedfæster he really her formidable sense of hooks and proves that sometimes the simple melody is just the best – it's all about feel and vibe.

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