Dim Days of Dolor - Sirenia

New energy pushes the band to new heights

Sirenia have with Emmanuelle in the degree shown, that the journey is far from over yet. The band has created an album that combines all Sirenias grades with an improved sound, and in all ways be recommended. It contains both melodic songs with catchy refrains, spiced with subtleties, in no way end up as a boring pop songs. There has not been fear to experiment, but at the same time, Sirenia managed to hold onto it, which has made them what they are. A balancing act between the mainstream and originality, which can be difficult to find. A big recommendation and 10 skulls richer released this the modern standard-bearer of the symphonic metal loose.

Baggrundssanger enters in the front

Norwegian Sirenia is one of the country's major heavy bands. When most other well-known Norwegian groups play black metal, Sirenia their own version of heavy music. Although the band share a focus on atmosphere and mood with the genre, is Sirenia, far from the harsh black metal scream, which is otherwise often sounds from the north. In contrast, the female clean singer Ailyn Giménez the past 8 years has been the counterpart to the band's symphonic music – a singer who has had great success with the band, but also has its shortcomings. In the current release, the Dim Days Of severe Pain, the band has got a new lead singer, Emmanuelle Zoldan – a woman who is well-acquainted with the band, as she has recorded recording background vocals on several of the Sirenias albums. Therefore, it is exciting, though she now can lift the legacy of the former singers and reinvent the band's sound yet again.

The music and lyrics running a race towards the top

The Dim Days Of Pain begins with a classic orkesterspillet Sirenia-intro, a bit more influenced by electronic effects than usual. When Emmanuelle Zoldans voice for the first time sounds, it is well known Sirenia-fashioned way: high notes that are backed up by a mans choir in the background. From the song "Goddess of the Sea", it is evident that Zoldan abilities to live up to the previous Sirenia-dissolving. If you listen further, you find that she not only mastered the solemn tone of voice, can be heard in the first track, but also experimenting with both poppy and rock-inspired tightly-knit lines until. Ranging from the deep tones at the beginning of "Ashes to Ashes" over a popped vocal in the "Dim Days Of Pain" to the classical, opera-like vocals. Zoldans vocals scores so top marks from here, and succeed to the degree that adding new energy to the band.

The instrumentation can be at least as important as the song, and in Sirenias magnificent music is the band's performance paramount. The succeeding band to be innovative with the electrical effects and alternative riffs as in "Playing With Fire", which contains a Dream Theater-like passages. Simultaneously hang the songs and the album's structure as a whole very well together, and there is a good balance between the pieces with quick, creative riffs and more symphonic passages, where the band provides the foundation in the background. The whole album is relevant, and you end up not to get bored. The only thing you might miss are several of the male growls that filled more on some of the earlier albums. If you're looking for this vowel, it can be found in the middle of the "Fifth Column", but it is used only very limited in the rest of the album. The lack of this is offset, however, by the album provides a more stylish look and feel than previous albums.

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