Dominion - Benedictum

Main ingredient: nostalgia

If it was, because I already have a close relationship with the Hammerfall as the band, which in his time revealed powermetal genre for me, I had not been able to justify spending much time on the Dominion. Park we the critical sense and screws nostalgicenteret up at max., I can however easily let me seduce several of the album's songs. This is mainly due to quality production and the excellent riffs, and I wonder if we to the concerts, still ends up with a sing along with rhythm guitar, Backing' vocals despite the halvslidte themes?

Classic powermetal in the same pipeline

Swedish Hammerfall has long been a big name in the powermetal genre. From the debut album Glory to The Brave was released in the end of the last millennium, has their style been characterising for the genre, and their music well-loved by the fans thereof. There has since been only space for small departures from the signaturlyden, as the dystopia-themed album Infected from the 2011 image was on. The swedes ' fidelity to their style and kernepublikum has paved the way for their long-term career, but is on the latest albums have also been it that keeps them from winning the new country. The well-known sound and the songwriting continues in the Dominion, there is hardly win many new fans to the band.

Delicious riffs and recycled themes

If anyone should have forgotten them, since the previous Hammerfall-plate appeared, so let's just scratch the band's strengths up: Guitarists Oscar Dronjak and Pontus Norgrens solid combination of simple, but powerful riffs and beautiful guitar solos floating on a bed of a solid rhythmic interplay. The band's lyrics and themes tangential to the fantasynørdede, but maintaining a seriousness and consistency, which creates a strong mood through the dæmonviser, kamphymner and emotional ballads. These qualities are not surprising for the genre, but the Band knows how to perfect and master them. This live songs on the Dominion in extent up to, and with songs like "Chain Of Command", "Dominion", "We Make Sweden Rock" and "Bloodline" will travel from the middle ages through the hell of rockstjernetilværelsen to the love of metalkulturen.

Dominion's allegiance to the band's classic style is also the weakness. It is hard to throw the new magic of the old formulas, and it is also only half of the songs on the disc that comes in the vicinity of the innovation on the musical front. Primarily it's the new riffs that carry the songs forward, and omkvædene in tracks such as "Dead By Dawn" and "And Yet In the Smile" puts himself never really stuck in the brain. To Hammerfall to seriously catch my attention, there must be better reasons not to put their old, classic ballads on instead.

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