Dorval - Detest

A summary and a little fremtidssnak

You are missing Dorval in your collection, here come a great opportunity to get hold of it. You will even get Deathbreed-demo as bonus tracks and an extra disc with the band's performance at the Roskilde Festival, which they played on in 1993. Detest is still active, and I saw them at Metal Magic festival in 2014. Since then, however, there is happened a lot with the band's line-up, and it will guitarist John Petersen explain much more about in a forthcoming interview right here on your favoritmetalhjemmeside!

A trip down the nostalgiens dødsmetalliske path

Detest... the good old Detest! A band, who for many years has been tucked well away in my metal memory. I bought the band's demo way back in 1992 and was wildly enthusiastic about the band's heavy, dieseltrukne death metal. I was deeply impressed by special release Peter Jørgensen's afgrundsdybe effusions. The demo was simply awesome, if I was a big death metal fan. For me getting the demo at a time when black metal was starting to get its grip on me, and as the band's debutskive, Dorval, was published half a year later, in 1994, was my interest in death metal somewhat subsided. I bought the disc, but had never really listened to it, and then slid it just a little away and was even a disc in the collection. So when I suddenly heard from the band's original guitarist, John, who threw a copy of the re-release my way, I was with one on the way down the nostalgiens gravelly road!

Death f*cking metal... as it should, it should sound!

It was not a surprise as to what I should listen to, when I let the laser beam hit the small silvery disk! The "surprising" was that my old love to Detest prompt was revived. I was sent back to drengeværelset and had this experience of "satan, where's the fat!". Detest was heavy (it is the still!!!), and they played/are playing death metal in exactly the way, I find allerfedest, namely, with memorable riffs and choruses, and at a rate, where the head can not avoid the cradle forward and back in time – old school, you know! But a funny thing, as I remembered, and I also was reminded of, is that I actually think the sound and production, the band had on Deathbreed-the demo was much better than the one they ended up with on the dial. This is how I have it still; seems a little more clear production on the demo suited them better than the one they came with from the Borsing studio in which Dorval was recorded. But it is the details, the numbers are still really, really cool.

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