Down Below - Tribulation

Progressively dark from hinsidan

Swedish Tribulation is a band I first became acquainted with around the release of their The Horror-debutskive back in 2009 – a slice, which was quite bold, but also very influenced by the Swedish black/death metal sound. The sequel had to wait for, and only in 2013 the band were ready with The Formulas of Death, where the term was changed a lot towards a more rock, but still brutal, sound. In 2015 came as mesterstykket The Children of the Night, where the Tribulation, in addition to been moved over on the major label Century Media, also jumped out in full bloom as a wonderful dark, even more rocket and atmospheric band, still with the starting point in the black/death metal. And now here they are with it, there in my eyes and ears must have been a difficult album, with the intention of forløberens qualities. The album opens with a blast of a number; "The Lament" slider all the way Down Below in time, in a way, so you have lyttelapperne completely out. Damn it, a start...

Let Tribulation seduce you

Tribulation is not particularly brutal, the player is not particularly fast or technical. No, the Tribulation working with the atmospheres, which revolves around loss. Tribulation leads the listener down a path, where one can feel the darkness run through you; to get the feel of walking on ubetrådte paths in the darkness. It is precisely this that is the big strength for the relay, quite simply, tons of atmosphere through their musical outpourings. The two guitarists Adam Zaars and Jonathan Hultén is an excellent team, complementing each other great with solos, harmonies and melodious dark riffs. You almost have a sense of how feathery the two play their instruments. The new drummer, Oscar Leander, plays perfectly up to the riffs and atmospheres, with its very straight and rocking game, and on top is John andersson's' bass and, not least, his vocals, which makes Tribulations expression retains something barbaric about it. John is working not with a grand theatrical vocals, but a desperate black/death style, which fits 100 %!

Just as good as The Children of the Night?

 Down Below sources in all the right places in my musical pulse, and I become consumed, when the disc rotates in the plant. A truly great disc to listen to with the headphones on and the lights dim or turned off. If you are into atmospheric music; music that paints pictures instead of nodding your head you shells, you could like Dissections swan song Reinkaos and it, the could with to combine the dark and it rocked, so I would strongly recommend Down Below!! I predict that this disc will be in the top half of the favorites when the year's personal favoritskive 2018! Masterfully!

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