Dreamless - Fallujah

Ambitious and redeemed

I could easily crawl the plate number for the number and pull the one rose after another out of the hat, but I'm simply afraid to run out of superlatives. This is a truly complete experience to listen to, and to hell with everyone who thinks that metal is not allowed to be beautiful. This is metal for people who have a vivid imagination and at the same time appreciate a solid craft in the form of heavy and precisely executed drums, a solid vokalpræstation and a guitarist who likes to nørkle.

From deathcore to progressive death metal, Fallujah cements as carriers for atmospheric blastbeats

Same as it never has been

At first listen, sounds Dreamless really much as its predecessor The Flesh Prevails from 2014, but it is also a very good reason for that: It is a sequel to the previous album, but let it be said the same. Even though the two albums sound the same, are Dreamless all The Flesh Prevails sought after.

Comprehensive and fascinating music

We have here to do with a band releases a very good place to mix the genres and it is so refreshing to listen to, in a time where everyone plays in drop F and djenter like there is a tomorrow. On Dreamless are both djentet merrily and played in drop F, but there is so much more to their music that makes the dropping of the homogeneous mass of hybridmetal that pt. flooding the market. It can among other things be attributed to the effects that are put on the guitar, to give it a dreamy and almost hypnotic sound. It is used in quantities that do not detract from the effect of the effect, and I really enjoy to listen to their way of interpreting the concept of technical death. For yes, it is technical, it is dead, but as I try to formulate, it does not cover completely what Fallujah is doing. "The Void Alone", their lead single, is an excellent ambassador for the Dreamless. The aforementioned effektfyldte guitar reminds here a little bit about ancient Amiga 500 music, but it never becomes perfect for victoria station. On the contrary, fascinates the one with the quirky melody, before being thrown into the arms of super tight game technically superior death leading to a fusion of the two polar opposites that permeates the entire album. Dreamless offers also a lot of ambient goodies which easily could sound as if they are inspired by Chino Morenos penchant for electronic undertones and on the track "Abandon" it's almost like hearing the Deftones if they had experimented with the djent. I can, when I close my eyes, easily imagine Chinos vocals slip about the music, for it is here customize the eclectic and otherworldly – but vocalist Alex Hoffman, for the genre of classic death growls, helps to ground the music a little and functions perfectly in interaction with the female intercity, Tori Letzler, if the featherweight vocals here and there, it adds multi-faceted soundscape yet another interesting facet. A single number hides a little Roger Waters inspired noodlen, a second reminiscent of Tool and, in general, there is often both pleasant tones and the shotgun thread woven together that it is almost unnoticed change, something which testifies to the skill to live up to their ambitions.

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