Dusk Of The Ages - Furor Gallico

Many rivers small...

As such there is nothing real in the way with the Dusk of the Ages. The things that one can put a finger or two, all in it, you can call for margins – but anyway, so many streams, small makes a great y. I wish that when they once get started with album number four, they got track of the production, the track of the drums and the track on the mixer. For if it happens, then I could easily imagine, that the gauls of Lombardy, and could create a true work of art. But until then, they must make do with seven small skulls.

Nothing new under the sun

Furor Gallico, Gallernes Rage, is an Italian folk-metal band with everything it implies. Dusk of the Ages is their third album, and judging from previous releases, there has not been the large-scale development. But if one is satisfied with a formula, why change it? It is a classic folk-metal, as we know it, ie. melodic and acoustic passages with clean singing from both male and female, mixed with the classic metal structures. Since it is Italian, so is the magnificent guitar solos are a must must, so they are there, of course. So really offers nothing new, and one can easily draw parallels to similar bands such as Ensiferum or Eluveitie.

The Quiet and tranquil Hunting

One should not judge a book by its cover, the same applies to music albums. I chose to throw me over just at Dusk of Ages because of its cover, depicting the mythological phenomenon known as "the wild hunt". A mythical notice there is to find in virtually all of the original european and scandinavian cultures and faiths. Furor Gallico is not the first to have used this event as a source of inspiration or cover – the most well-known example within the metal music must be Bathorys legendary album: Blood Fire Death. Therefore I must the admit that I a bit went and hoped for an epic yet hard-hitting game of metal in the style.

There is, however, not very many have claimed over the Dusk of the Ages in addition to the few mythological references. However, it does not matter, as Furor Gallico can easily stand on its own feet, and manages to weave the fine and the soft together with the hard and angry. Be preserved, they do not have as many tricks up its sleeve, and the vast majority of their songs follow the exact same pattern with a light acoustic intro, which slides over in powerchords and galopriffs. But it works, and they are obviously even satisfied with the result and the formula.

The album is, however, something more people than it is metal, so it sits a little and miss more clout on the album in general. You could also desire that their producer had made sure that the drums have not sounded so flat and spineless. Most of all sit with the feeling that it is a cheap drum machine, which is running out of battery. In general, production is a little flat in it, and it is only the vocals that truly is prominent, which is a peculiar priority, when large parts of the album is instrumental.

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