Dust To Gold - Bullet

It wins on a

I have heard the Dust Two Gold a few times now and I will say that when you put it on in the first place, then wonder why you worry about what it is for something bras, which now come out of the Swedish forests. But when you've heard it a few times, so to win it than on a. Day of crude and uncharacteristic voice fits so well to the music and the genre that when Hampus put in the time on the guitar, then you sit there and swings a little with, though perhaps not just can the text. But you can swing with.

Just because it wins on one, and it requires just a few gennemlytninger, also, that it is hard as not know to throw themselves at them and immediately get a celebration. One must know them in advance and be able to their back catalogue, before you immediately think to Dust Two Gold is worth something. But when you get past the minutiae, you quickly find out that the album is really good. Because one must, however, be through the long journey, I end up at a solid seven. Rock on boys!

Cover band led to more

Originally started Hell Hofer and Hampus Klang with low covers of various 80's bands and was fine with it, until the 2001 decided to make their own music, and with the addition of a few extra musicians emerged Bullet. The name Bullet has gradually been used a few times before, ever since the original american Bullet in 1971-72. At the same time there was an English version, which later changed its name to Hard Stuff, so the name Bullet is popular, and we are now at a Swedish version.

Stylistically, we are stuck in the'80s, where the leaning against the premature Acceptance, Saxon, Judas Priest and Def Leppard. The here the light, hoarse voice, lots of wild guitar riffs and drums that get beat up for the big gold medal;

Why play covers when you can make music yourself

Bullet throws himself hårrystende down in the genre of NWOBHM and playing even with a little glam metal here and there. There are strident voices, leather jackets, big hair and metalnitter all over the place; There is overwhelming guitar solos, and five drums, who do not get a moment's peace. It is so 80's, as it can be without putting themselves in the DeLorea and step on the throttle.

When you hear the Bullet, you really get the urge to seize the nearest dåsebajer, swipe it against the forehead and bottoms. It is stupid, it is level with the knoldesparkerne from the fourth kartoffelrække - But it works. The music makes it to: it entertains, it creates a mood, and I'm sure that for concerts tumble it around with the stiff swedes, as the headbanger's so fiercely that they crack their heads against each other, piss indifferent and "dances" on.

Here on the seventh studio album by Bullet is the gradually so that the sheets in front of them, that there is something to put on the music, the vocals or the lyrics. It works well, and has all the elements, as the WAVE must have; This here a little miserable sound, ugly voice and the sound of bad instruments. It is intended that it should sound that way, even though there is not necessarily a case of bad production or poor performance.

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