E.V.O - Almah

I feel happy...

As is the case with everything else music, do power metal, like to be catchy, original and creative. The more, the better, actually. But it should preferably also accommodate a degree of complexity and challenge his listeners to the point where the music is elevated to something greater than the humdrum of toner flowing out of the speaker. This balance framework Almah at all, and what starts promising, ends up to be really strenuous and is in no way interesting or challenging for the listener.
There are bright spots here and there. Cool riffs, good ideas and, not least, Falaschis impressive register – but all in all give it just a little bit of long balls to gennemlytte a whole album with lalleglade and not particularly original power-intersections. Do it, if you love hyper-happy power metal. Otherwise you can quietly settle with the first cut and then turn off the turntable then.

Happy and popped the power metal starts promising, but quickly becomes very tiring

It is not only Sepultura, who can play brazilian thread

If I say to you, dear reader, lightning to name a heavyband from Brazil, so you will likely respond Sepultura. Maybe Corzus or Angra, but then you are also a geek (no offense). Just Angra (yes, it was there from the Dave Mustaine grabbed Kiko Loureiro to its current Megadeth lineup) once had a lead singer by the name of Eduardo Falaschi. He sings now power metal of the allergladeste kind of in the band Almah. Are you still with? Well, they have just released their fifth langspiller, and should we review here.

Popped sing-along-metal

When I postulate that Almah is happy when they play, so I believe it. They are truly happy! So happy, that one can easily imagine how they are smiling and waving in ‘the green room' for the eurovision Song Contest, when they have just scored twelve points from Germany, Finland and all the eastern european countries. It is power metal, which at first cutting, "Age of Aquarius", is so very potent with its bombastic energy bursts, that it in amazing style inspires a hope that this record is going to be a fabulous power-experience. This happens so just, unfortunately, not.
Just as pompous and impressive, as åbningsnummeret is just so bland, lalleglad and directly popped the remainder of the E. V. O. "Infatuated" (watch the video below, if you dare) is where it gets worst and borders on the sickening. Here it is really not fun anymore. Yes, I will, without exaggeration, almost angry to hear it. Angry at the negative way, mind you. It is damn well not an ultimate requirement that the metal should be dark, gloomy and/or depressing; glad to be sunshine, white tigers and rainbows (R. I. P., Dio...). But it here becomes too much. It is so easily bought, sickening positively and Johnny-from-sugar candy-smiling-like disgusting, that I have to stand by and hear something else. Just to get grounded again. Even the most exaggerated of christian rock and metal (again, no offense) is actually preferable at this stage.

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